PlayStation Network Breach Not Likely to Hurt Digital's Future, says Brad Wardell

PlayStation Network has been down for over three weeks, and some in the industry have warned that this major downtime and security breach could "undermine" the future of digital distribution in the games business. Brad Wardell, CEO of Stardock, which recently sold its Impulse digital platform to GameStop, isn't too worried about the impact of the PSN disaster, however.

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Max_Dissatisfaction3019d ago

Right, pretty sure people are falling over themselves to get their hands on new PSP GO consoles right about now

slaton243019d ago

HaHa whats funny about your comment is a girl on facebook said she bought a new PSPgo because her old one wouldnt let her when this one did the same she asked what was she doin wrong, psp go most ridiculous system no good without PSN

Quagmire3019d ago

A Pspgo with NO psn?

Damn, thats like a Car without any petrol, pretty much.

outwar60103019d ago

:( and that was my silver lining to this all. online distribution on works for steam and pc gaming why? it's probably because the prices are reasonable and for 360 or psn their dangerously close to the retail copy and it doesnt really lower until like a year later when everyone knows in atleast 3 months later theres roughly a 20% reduction in price if you shop around and most online sellers like ebay amazon game etc have it cheaper than that

paradigmfellow3019d ago

Online distribution sucks. Whenever it happens, that will be the day I will stop being a gamer

Xenial3019d ago

Same here. Digital will not replace physical for me.