Uncharted 3: Gameplay Details Revealed

A few gameplay details on Uncharted 3.

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Burning_Finger3024d ago

Got it pre-ordered a long time ago..

GodofSackboy3024d ago

ANOTHER interview where they repeat they stuff they said weeks ago. Find me one "new" gameplay detail here

nothing against rhe game though, its goty

Rage_S903024d ago

When i saw gamingbolt i knew not to click the link and look at the comments first lol

Hoje03083024d ago

@ Rage
Same here, no way I'm giving these guys a hit.

majiebeast3024d ago

waiting for some epic special edition.

gameseveryday3024d ago

what will everyone want in the special edition?

My list would be:

1. Drakes's handbook
2. Drake's clothes
3. Fantastic art book
4. Drakes Ak 47 (not the real one lol)
5. An awesome packing!

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metsgaming3024d ago

i need at very least nates ring !

GreenMachin33024d ago

Wait a second... When they say spend some cash on, I hope they mean in-game money and not micro-transactions. That does not sound like Naughty Dog at all!

zootang3024d ago

It's hard because I want to look but I'm trying to keep the game fresh for release. Argh!

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