What are SEAL Team Six and ‘Black Tuesday’ Doing in Modern Warfare 3?

Kotaku: A brief audio clip that we believe is a piece of the upcoming Modern Warfare 3 refers to SEAL Team Six, the unit widely assumed to have killed Osama Bin Laden in a raid in Pakistan earlier this month.

It makes perfect sense. America's favorite fighting men would have to get mentioned in the 2011 edition of the jingoistic Modern Warfare series. It is, however, both a likely coincidence and a sign that the new edition of the hottest franchise in video games might again be pushing some provocative buttons before year's end.

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awiseman3026d ago

Seal team 6 was mentioned in MW 1. The majority of gamers will not remember that though and will interpret it as an attachment to their action in the killing of Osama bin laden.

Dart893026d ago

So many people hyping this game up already-_-.

Metfanant3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

dose anyone else think that the sound clip sounds exceptionally amateurish and not up to the usual quality that we have come to expect?...the voice acting just didn't seem calling fake...

not to mention i would think that a game that tries to pride itself on some sort of accuracy...might actually try to refer to the team by the right name??...i mean its one thing for Anderson Cooper on CNN to call the SEAL Team 6...but during military transmissions? nah...


Although I won't be buying this game as I refuse to ever give any more of my hard earned dollars to the MW machine, I'm not sure it was cool of Kotaku to release the entire story beginning to end. Somebody out there I'm sure cares for the series and story and now it's gonna be hard to avoid hearing or seeing things about it even if they avoided the article. "Just my opinion"

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