New PS3 game by Relic

A new job posting by THQ reveals that its Vancouver-based studio, Relic Entertainment, will be developing a game for next-gen consoles soon. The advertisement asks for a tools programmer for the development of a "a brand new strategy title for PS3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo's Wii", reports IGN.

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Microsoft Master5882d ago

Zypher, it's for all next-gen consoles. I can understand you wanting to increase PS3 support from all the bad PR their getting at the mo, but come on man! Get your act together!

zypher5882d ago

um dude, how about you use a bit of logic before you start jumping down people's throat. why would i post a news ONLY as PS3, when in the very subject-matter both the 360 and the Wii are mentioned? the fact is that i posted the news as PS3, 360 and Wii. the mods (if they indeed exist) probably saw that the info came from a PS3 site and changed it to only be PS3.

Microsoft Master5882d ago

Alright then but you still wrote the headline. 'New PS3 game by Relic'
How about 'New next-gen multiformat game by Relic'

zypher5882d ago

i copied and pasted the title from the actual source material. and it WASN'T a lie or misleading: this is a "New PS3 game by Relic." any astute reader/fanboy could read the article and discern that the game is coming to multiple systems. i don't see you commenting everytime 360 fans such as the mart take a game intended for multiple systems and post it as 360 only. i purposefully posted it as PS3/360/Wii (or, if that order offends your fanboy idealism, 360/Wii/PS3); for whatever reasons it got labled as PS3 only.

Microsoft Master5881d ago

Zypher posted under me, why has it changed to ABC?