Could Sony have prevented breach?

With 100 million customers' data stolen from its PlayStation and PC games network, a security expert said it was possible that Sony was aware of the "insecure" state of its application servers that was attacked but did not act on it.

Guillaume Lovet, senior manager of FortiGuard Labs threat response team, told ZDNet Asia it is common for companies to do so.

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LOGICWINS3022d ago

Well duh. If they had hired security experts and given all of us free security service from the START...then this probably wouldn't have happened, at least not so easily.

Silly gameAr3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Same comments from know it alls that know not and 3 PSN downtime articles in a roll. Getting busy. Sony should have hired people from N4G. They know what it takes to keep 77 million accounts safe.

FarEastOrient3021d ago

That's like asking if the Pentagon can prevent breaches to their systems with all their money and technicians.

SonyNGP3021d ago

"Sony should have hired people from N4G"

You deserve a bubble, my friend!

Dante1123022d ago

Right now, I don't think anybody is safe. AnonOp's live and functioning site is going wild. The old and new anon group are insulting/hacking each other like crazy and the new anon groups are splintering off and attacking third party developer sites now (Eidos, Deus Ex: Human Revolution. 60,000 accounts stolen). Kinda weird that they would attack Eidos, that game is getting perks on the Xbox360.

mrv3213021d ago

Could America have prevented WW2? Yes... why didn't they... because they didn't predict the future.

Joni-Ice3021d ago

At this point I don't care. What ever happened,...Happened. I just hope Sony activates PSN soon and this never happens again.

Menech3021d ago

Screw America, my great great granddad could of prevented WW2 by Falcon punching hitlers mother, sadly he couldn't predict the further either.

elmaton983021d ago

Even if it was free doesn't mean it has a cheap security, they didn't expected it, but now theyre taking it seriously and besides we were cool for 4 years and now this happened so of course they starting from the ground up to make it better(no offense but is still pretty messed up)

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rabidpancakeburglar3022d ago

No, some websites clearly don't understand the size of the breach or they are just looking for hits

WayneKerr3021d ago


Sony are just incompetent

news4geeks3021d ago

They knew what was at risk and the weakness in their security, it's just that they have lost so much money on the ps3 they didn't want to spend money on something they thought wouldn't be financially beneficial. Turned out to be a horrendous error.

Treyb3yond3021d ago

Dude, all I see you do is make negative comments about PS3. It has some epic games on it.

You just aren't a gamer and that's a fact.

@WayneKerr does that mean MS are incompetent for RROD? or Nintendo for their ZERO online machine (Wii)?

Fanboy trolls...

Dee_913021d ago

I agree
We all knew that anon would attack psn so by us not doing anything that makes all incompetent /s

DragonKnight3021d ago

Oh please, not more of this tired old tripe. Does this really need to be discussed again at so late a juncture? We don't need this discussion again. If any of these sites bothered to do their research, this question would not need to be asked and an answer would already be available.

Venom2153021d ago

looks like psn wont be back for another week.luckily i have a life.....

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The story is too old to be commented.