What the Sony Debacle Teaches Us

GamerNode's Mike Murphy writes: "This overwhelming situation could speak volumes about Sony and its inability to protect its customers and keep their trust, but it also reflects on just how carefree and naive modern society as a whole has become to the idea of giving out personal information in the internet age..."

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dangert123024d ago

that there will be a constant flood of articles saying the same thing if it happens again?

italianbreadman3024d ago

So glad I don't have financial information on record with them. I'll likely not leave cards on file very frequently in the furute, either.

Aarix3024d ago

I'm glad I use prepaid cards for online finances.

Darkseeker3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I find it conforting that this could easily happen to xbox live as well. If you think Xbox Live is safe, guess again. Anyone who can enter the PSN undetected and get out can do the same to xbox live, even if it has security.

DavidBanner3024d ago

If hackers want to get in they can get in no matter how much security you have.This hate for a company all started with the media and the dollars that were thrown at them to tarnish a brand and make a quick buck at doing it .The thing is "what goes around comes around".
Is any information safe blunt answer no, it just means that its not your information been taken today.
A caution to those who has taken and will take this situation to continue to spread hate and misinformation. Do good and good will come to you (bad situations become rosie) do bad and sooner or later it catches up to you (everyone sees who you truly are).Hackers beware,war-mongers beware,bad reporting beware the day of reckoning will eventually come.

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