IGN - Starhawk: The Reveal of a Bold New Frontier

IGN - Within seconds of the starting the Starhawk reveal video I'm blown away. Not just by the game itself, but by how much risk Sony is taking with it. Abandoned is the art style and universe of the Warhawk franchise Starhawk is building on. Instead, Starhawk is going in a decidedly Western direction. On top of that, Sony's giving this PlayStation 3 exclusive title – one the company is hoping to develop into a new franchise – to Lightbox Interactive, an unproven studio based in Austin, Texas. Add to this its unorthodox lead character and its new focus on single player, and the chance for disaster or outright rejection by fans looks about as likely as people digging it as much as I did.

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LOGICWINS3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Don't understand why the guy makes a big deal about the main character being black? Anyways, this is a Day 1 purchase for me =)

zootang3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

How many games have a black guy lead? Come to think of it, I can't think of one.


Yeah I forgot about San Andreas. It's been that long? Not as many as I would have thought.

JohnnyMann4203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

You've never played San Andreas!? WOW!

Jade in Beyond good and Evil.

Victor Vance in Liberty city Stories

What about Crackdown?

Afro Samurai.

Lol... Michael Jackson in his games

Shaq Fu

Ok so Shaq Fu and Michael Jackson is lacking, but I still can't believe you couldn't think of one.

Achemki3023d ago

Added to who's already been said (CJ from GTA etc) is Prophet from Crysis 1 who lives on in Crysis 2 through your suit's memories, Sheva from RE5, and I think Torque from the Suffering was mixed too.

IGN article itself is typical half-arsed IGN journalism saying the game wasn't shipped by a team but rather a bunch of game credits (uh, huh?!) and it's already predicting and nitpicking the campaign scenarios, questioning whether players will want to play as a minority and saying the build'n'battle online system "doesn't work". Where do they hire these guys, lol?

afterMoth3023d ago

"unproven studio" aside from the other points this guy simply doesn't have a clue.. This studio is made of a key people from the creators for Warhawk.

despair3023d ago


"Lightbox Interactive may not have shipped a game as a team, but it's composed of people who've worked on Twisted Metal, War of the Monsters and the last Warhawk title."

From the very same article, you didn't read the entire thing did you?

afterMoth3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

No I didn't bother to waste my time after reading that.. He shouldn't said unproven studio then, especially if he knew this was the team responsible for Warhawk which shows they are PROVEN!

afterMoth3023d ago

and I didn't hit the "disagree" button Despair.

Elimin83023d ago

@ JohnnyMann420.... Michael Jackson? LoL.. Ok, I'll let that one go.

despair3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )


But they are an unproven studio, the people who make it up may be experienced and accomplished in their own right but the studio itself has never done anything, so they are unproven.

When a game is released under their name then we can say whether they have it or not, until then no matter who makes up the staff its still an unknown.

edit: oh and I don't really care about disagrees on N4G, I say what I think and if people disagree then fine.

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LOGICWINS3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

^^Main character from Spawn, the guy from Prototype 2, Carl Johnson, who is one of the greatest videogame characters I've ever had the pleasure of playing. To this day, there is no videogame character that I've played that has a larger variety of actions than him:

Fly planes
Get buff
Get fat
Drive cars, trucks, bikes, motorbikes, trains
Have sex
Shoot guns(dualwield guns)
Go on dates
Run on treadmill
Lift weights
Learn THREE different styles of hand to hand combat
Wear a LARGE variety of clothing and accessories.

Blaze9293023d ago

It's a risky game because the main character is black? why even point that out in the way the article focuses so much on it? Speak to them? Because all gamers are any race besides black? Do white characters in videogames speak to black people? I'm like...who cares? Was it risky for San Andreas? Yeah, because the gaming community HATED San Andreas.

But to make sure I'm looking into this too deeply or anything, is it just me? I dunno...I'm just confused on what the real issue in that article is but it seems to be because the main character is black.

Yeah I agree that there needs to be more black main and side characters. More characters of ANY race that isn't White. That goes for literature, movies, games, anything.

But the main issue here is, maybe I'm just wrong, is why he even bothered to point this out as if it is going to be problem. How will fans act if placed in the shoes of a minority? How the fuck did they act when San Andreas came out? I'll tell you, buy buying 2.4 million copies day 1.

Will he speak to the fans? Like wtf, because all gamers are anything but Black?

I don't get why this was even pointed out. It's seeming like it's going to be an issue or something like...i dont really get it. Prototype 2's main character is black this time that going to be an issue as well?

but yeah as it's been said, it's IGN

starchild3023d ago

I doubt the vast majority of gamers will even think twice about it. I honestly don't care what race the characters in my games are, all I care about is that they are interesting and well developed.

carter203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

yeh i like the main character other sites are saying he looks generic nooo way does he in my eyes he looks like a black cole from infamous series lol really digging his look maybe hell gain some sort of infamous powers down the story doubt it thought :D still cannot wait

and i can name a game with black person as leader character -
chell from portal 2??? ( maybe )
struggling to think of any more

JohnnyMann4203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

Lol Chell is totally white, unless she is a albino black person with auburn hair.

Edit for the dude below:

Yeah I can see that...possibly.

carter203023d ago

hmm she looks hispanic to be honest or mixed race

JohnnyMann4203023d ago

Not only that he said Lightbox was unproven when everyone knows that the team includes quite a few devs from Warhawk.

This really looks like Warhawk 3.0 to me so I don't really get how he is claiming the direction is sooo different, etc.

Also who cares if the main character is Black.

carter203023d ago

not only does it include developers from warhawk but also god of war developers are helping them create this game so i think i would bet my house this game will be quality

Raendom3023d ago

IGN. Just sit back, laugh, and close this tab/window ASAP.

despair3023d ago

"Lightbox Interactive may not have shipped a game as a team, but it's composed of people who've worked on Twisted Metal, War of the Monsters and the last Warhawk title."

I posted it above as well, its from the same article you're criticizing , please at least read the entire article before posting a comment, else this happens.

negroguy3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I really doubt people will have a problem playing a minority. I honestly dont think anyone who played San Andreas did not enjoy it because CJ was African American.

Edit: Reading some of the above comments, there really are very few games with a minority which is weird since there are hundreds of games out there.

@below: An African American playing in RDR would have definetly been a nice twist.

carter203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

its the best GTA to date, i wouldnt of minded playing a black person in RDR would have been very interesting because in them times it was more discriminating than ever

JohnnyMann4203023d ago

Yeah I agree, there isn't enough minority lead characters.

I remember when everyone found out CJ was the main character in SA. Believe or not, there were so many racist gamers that came out of the woodwork saying they would refuse to play it and blah blah blah.

Pfft. I am pretty sure they cought it first day or else they missed out on one of the (if not THE) best GTA games to date.

carter203023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

I LOVE HAVING 5 BUBBLES!!!!!!!! lolz ..

oh the irony i just wasted my last bubble =(

i am the bubble monster! yum

despair3023d ago

most useless post ever lol. more bubbles to ya just for that.