Ridge Racer: Unbounded to have 1000 cities

MEGamers learns that Bugbear's latest racer will feature over one thousand cities. How? They won't say.

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kaveti66163018d ago

And it will suck because of it. The cities will all have generic buildings and copy-paste ambiance.

Reviewers will criticize the developers for choosing quantity over quality in an attempt to capitalize on the age-old gimmick of "more is better."

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Wenis3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I bet it will have a map editor, allowing custom created cities to race in

MrBeatdown3018d ago

LittleBigPlanet has thousands of levels. Modnation Racers has thousands of tracks.

I'm guessing they are talking about user created tracks. It's been done before, and done well. I don't see why it couldn't be done again by Bugbear, assuming they have the talent to pull it off.

kaveti66163018d ago

I don't have a very positive view of those games, either.

"Thousands of levels" is a quantitative measure.

AAACE53018d ago

You're right!

They would have probably been better off making an open world like Bornout, Test Drive or something like that!

LeShin3018d ago

...but then I suppose it would be exactly like Burnout or Test Drive so what would be the point?

upturned23018d ago

Seems like you're right, but there are some things that not all developers know how to do. I mean, think about John Galt. What did he do that no one could?

Blaine3018d ago

This article should have just been titled: "Ridge Racer: Unbounded revealed" because it sheds absolutely NO light on the "1000 cities" comment and, as such, is absolute garbage. But of course that would have gotten less hits.

Internet video games journalism is really starting to piss me off.

Middle East Gamers3018d ago

I am sorry, but how does 'reveal' make any sense? The game was 'revealed' months ago. First gameplay was shown here in Dubai behind closed doors with no filming allowed.

We are directly reporting on the comment made by the developer, and that's 'news'. Just like any information-driven news you find on other websites.

Blaine3018d ago

You didn't "report on the comment". All you did was post the comment without adding an iota of new information. You call that journalism?

Hell, if that's the amount of information you have in all your "articles", then you should have created a twitter account instead of a website.

Middle East Gamers3018d ago

...I still don't understand what you are lamenting about. Would you have know Ridge Racer would have 1000 cities, had you not read it from us or any other website? No. Hence, information, whatever it maybe, and however small it is, was passed from us to you.

How can i 'add' to the comment the developers made? They did not comment further, how can i add new information? They made the comment in a group session and in a private interview with us at the Namco Level Up event.

We report on any new piece of information we can find of a video game. Like the so called 'reports' and 'rumors'.

soundslike3018d ago

Well, technically, it is only a matter of time before we have a standardized 3D map of the world supplied and rented out by GOOGLE for all videogames that wish to have it.

Doubt it will be first used in RIDGE RACER but they might have tried some primitive form of it just from Google maps or something.

Kahvipannu3018d ago

Propably a map-editor like people have speculated below? So the new RR is developed by Bugbear, I'll keep these under radar, I hope my countrymen will make justice to RR^^ FlatOuts are really fun games.

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