Gaming is Ready for Xbox 720 and PS4 - It's Evolution

Gameplay Today explains why Randy Pitchford is wrong in regards to gamers being ready for Xbox 720 and PS4 and that the industry needs the evolution of hardware to continue making better games.

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GunShotEddy3024d ago

The first-gen of software on new hardware always sucks. I get why Pitchford would be scared. It's hard.

DarkCharizard_3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

New Nintendo - 2012
New Xbox - 2012/2013
New Playstation - 2013

Rabid it would be foolish of MS and Sony to wait out of the next-gen for two whole years. Both of them will release their new consoles before 2014.

rabidpancakeburglar3024d ago


New Nintendo - 2012
New Xbox - Late 2013/ early 2014
New Playstation - 2014

VG_Releaser3024d ago

You know MS will be next after Nintendo to announce something. Sony still plans on PS3 to last 10 yrs.

jonlynch3024d ago

Sony based their 10 year plan for the PS3 on the success of the PS2. They didn't expect such fierce competition this generation. They DOMINATED last gen like no one had ever done before. How could they have foreseen the Wii being number 1 after the GameCube and Xbox 360 doing so well despite the RROD.

The "10-year" plan for PS3 is no more.

R6ex3024d ago

I've already switched focus from consoles to PC as the visuals are so much better. My multiplats are always PC first.

Joe29113024d ago

Whats up with 10 year plan? Why are people surprised? PS2 lasted 10 years, just because they release a new console doesn't mean the old one dies straight away.

Some could argue PS2 is still alive, it hit 150 million units only 4 months ago, must be people still buying them.

rabidpancakeburglar3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )


The next gen doesn't truely start until microsoft and sony enter it, they can wait as long as they want

cereal_killa3024d ago

"The "10-year" plan for PS3 is no more."

Some people just don't get it what ever world you think you live in you need medication if you dont understand that the so called "10 year" plan is how long they plan on supporting the PS3 as they did with the PS1 ans PS2 Sony doesn't abandon there consoles to force the consumer to buy new or you can't play new they give you the option to buy it when you can.

Nintendo will be out 1st thats a no brainer Sony going on there 5th year with the PS3 and showing no stopping of massive amounts of exclusives shows you might not see anything till next year M$ who knows! there spending more time with Kinect and making there system more about casual, communication and media than about hardcore games 2-3 exclusives a year wont cut it for gamers they want more maybe this is a sign the next xbox is closer than you think and may be something M$ needs to show at this years E3.

gcolley3023d ago

10 year plan does not effect next gen release date

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2fk3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

in the coming years they're going to be here; i'd say about 3 years

Istanbull3024d ago

Why is this site so quick to criticize a guy who just gave his opinion? They say that the industry needs the evolution of hardware, thats right. But right now, the evolution isn't that great. We saw the Samaritan trailer of Epic Games. It is near CGI quality, youcan get those graphics only with 3 580GTX cards in SLI mode.

Now who in their right mind thinks PS4/xbox 720 could show such graphics when on PC you need 3 graphics cards who cost 400 bucks each??!

We want a PS4 when it is ready and able to show graphics like the Samaritan trailer, to do that new cards need to be released wich can show graphics like the Samaritan trailer.

2fk3024d ago

the new unreal engine 3 is next gen graphics and thats probably how the ps4 and new xbox graphics may look like hopefully.

rabidpancakeburglar3024d ago

Gaming may be ready for it but peoples wallets aren't. People will not want to spend hundreds on a new console, which will also probably mean a rise in game prices, at a time when they are getting great games on their current consoles

Jocosta3024d ago

I totally agree, I would love to see new hardware but my budget won't allow it.

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stealth500k3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

yeah we are so ready. Higher development costs.........yay

companies are just getting to make multiple games a year now, 6 years later costs have been so bad

risk loss and failure to make anythign original will just get worse

I love it how a non gamer will tell a developer there 2 cents and how them not being able to make multiple games a gen and anythign different than a shooter is wonderful

you ever wonder why borderlands is the 1 game in its series? after people are clamering for a sequel? Its because they cant. not because they dont want to

Trroy3024d ago

Agreed, the market has not grown enough to justify another dev cost hike.

Games on new consoles would have a tough time distinguishing themselves from current gen titles, other than by framerate and resolution, and thus people will have much less reason to upgrade.

newhumanbreed3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Gaming is at its peak

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