XG 24/7 - DiRT 3 Preview (Part 1: An Interview with Gehan Pathiraja)

@XG247: We recently attended a Preview event for DiRT 3, Part 1 is an Interview with the game's Lead Car Handling Designer, Gehan Pathiraja.

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Ve3tro3024d ago

Can't wait for the game.

Thrungus3024d ago

I continue to hear good things about it, I hope it does well!

NBT913024d ago

2nd one was one of my favourite racers of this generation, it had an almost flawless mix of arcade and sim feeling. As soon as I heard about DiRT3 I decided to miss MotorStorm Apocalypse, hope I made a good choice.

Seedhouse3024d ago

Seriously looking forward to this, Dirt 2 was immense!

XGN_Alex3024d ago

It's promising too, it seems like they're building on the good, not just replacing the bad.

Fnerk3024d ago

This is going to be awesome. Top interview.


Cant wait for some group A lancia delta racing