Rockstar Games Celebrate Xbox Live Longevity

Perhaps it's because Rockstar is celebrating it's one year anniversary since the release of Red Dead Redemption. Or maybe it's because their newest title, LA Noire, is releasing next week. Or maybe it's simply because they create games that last. Whatever the case may be, RDR pulled in the tenth highest amount of traffic onto XBox Live last week and GTA IV scored the sixth spot...

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DrFUD3021d ago

this is why Microsoft is really trying to weasel Agent out of Sony's exclusive hands

Active Reload3021d ago

I wouldn't be surprised of such a savvy business move but--you providing some evidence of this would be welcomed.

zootang3021d ago

Rockstar really made their name on the Playstation brand. I think they know what they are doing and you can expect more exclusive Playstation content in the future.

newhumanbreed3021d ago

Does it matter where they made their name? They are a company, not loyal fanboys.

EYEamNUMBER13021d ago

its always a conspiracy theory around here

NobleGamer3021d ago

Rockstar games not celebrating PSN longevity? Oh well.

Max_Dissatisfaction3021d ago

Do you have links to support your bogus claims?

DrFUD3021d ago

LOL so you guys want me to be the first person in history to reveal the names of his sources.

GodGinrai3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

or you could just admit that you pulled that statement out of your ass and you simply made it up.

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