GameStop stops the presses

The US market leading game retailer GameStop has been rumoured to have had an internal document, which contains release date information for many major games, leaked onto the internet and into public circulation.

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Emilio_Estevez3020d ago

Doesn't seem right, don't know about this one.

t2taylor3020d ago


Don't look to much into these dates. They, GS, always puts rumored dates for games in the future to try to get reserves. It's not actually real release dates unless it has "SD" next to it. I work @ a GS and this is something we've done for YEARS! It is only to get the customer interested in the games enough to put money down to reserve the games.

P.S. Most of those dates are beginning "Quarter" dates


Xof3020d ago

Very true. And these documents get leaked all the time. This kind of thing really shouldn't be new to anyone... it's just something Gamestop uses in order to sell games with no release date.

STICKzophrenic3020d ago

I wouldn't even say this is leaked. Anyone can walk into GameStop and get them to print all the upcoming releases for whichever console they want.

---stone---3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

Sooooooooooooooooooo does this mean Gamestop will conduct an investigation, seek out new life and civilizations, track down the dastardly and villainous perpetrators who released all this release date information, answer questions from Congress, close up all the Gamestop stores and website for 3 weeks or more to redo their infrastructure?..and to boldly go where no videogame retail shop has gone before?

Will there be an influx of articles on n4g? Will the castaways finally get off the island? Will Chuck Noland go to the beach and swim, finding his lost long buddy, Wilson? will gene pool see a slight increase in iq during the downtime of psn? Will Juan Valdez and his trusted donkey survive make it back from terrible mudslides delivering us fresh coffee? Will male enhancement pills finally work?

This has shaken my belief in the Gamestop.

Jacobite3019d ago

now that was funny lolololololololololololol