Gears of War 3′s Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Things that have made me think long and hard about the upcoming Epic release: Gears 3.

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newhumanbreed3022d ago

Umm this is talking about Gears of War 2, not 3.

montyburns0003022d ago

yeah it is and im not sure why. good point about the maps though what other games gives you 29 maps to play on?

gamingdroid3022d ago

The article must have been re-purposed, since the original title states Gears of War 3, THREE!

Yet, the content is talking about two.

touch20213022d ago

It's about taking the best and worst from the series and fixing it for GOW3. Duh...

Jack-Pyro3022d ago

Ahhh The Chainsaw....Good Times....Gooooood Times....