Square Enix Issue Official Statement Regarding Deus Ex: Human Revolution Website Hack

New reports have been circulating today regarding a successful hack of the official website for the forthcoming Deus Ex: Human Revolution, and other properties, resulting in some personal details of registered members being leaked. Publisher Square Enix Ltd. has now released an official statement regarding the controversial issue.

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Dante1123026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Ok, why are hackers hacking video game sites and threaten developers now? Feels like they're going through with their war with attacking the gaming industry as a whole (in their supposed privacy war).

Silly gameAr3026d ago

Something tells me they're just warming up.

NukaCola3026d ago

This is where assheads need to lay off Sony and fight for the gaming industry as a whole. This is why we should put stupid fanboyisms aside and fight for our passions. These hackers deserve to suffer.

Vherostar3026d ago

There attacking anybody that supports ps3 games at all there a bunch of 360 fanboys it seems as they leaving MS alone.

Dante1123026d ago

Wait, but isn't Eidos a third party developer group as well as the fact that Microsoft are getting perks in their version of Deus Ex:Human Revolution? But I kinda agree, they have been going soft on Microsoft.

awiseman3026d ago

Of course anyone who disagrees with sony's motives is an MSfanboy/XBot..its simcple logic really...


ThePsychoGamer3026d ago

That dousn't make much sense, assuming the are the same people who hacked Sony, then why attack a multiplat game? Wouldn't they target 3rd party companies known for making PS3 exclusives like Sucker Punch or Isomiac. They could even target Sony's 1st party devs. Attacking this game wasn't an attack on PS3 gamers, but an attack on gamers in general

sikbeta3026d ago

These hackers are a bunch of @$$#oles, no more, no less, they want to screw anyone for no reason, this goes far beyond fanboysm...

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nightmarex1213026d ago

They attack deus ex b/c of ads in the games, people finally thought wow they aren't like every other developers they actually implemented some of the fan feed back suggestions until they announce ads in the game and it pretty much piss of the gaming community.

user28971563026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

If anyone is stupid to believe this, you need to get slapped right in your mouth. And i'm talking about getting slapped when you have your mouth open.
Sony psn hack is the biggest thing around videogame sites.
So what does Square150millionlossEnix do? They claim that their crappy site got hacked, so people can gain interest in that stank game they're releasing in a few days.

Ddouble3026d ago

I don't think it's fake. Another site showed the IRC chat between the hackers as well as the torrent full of all the details they pulled of.