Revolutionary Rant: Exclusive Reveals Get Blown

"No, this rant is about gaming journalism... again. The closer we get to E3 2011, the sloppier some of the bigger outlets are getting. Today proved challenging for both Gamespot and IGN." - Daniel Bischoff

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doctorstrange3024d ago

I must say I did have a good chuckle at IGN and GSpots' blunder

3024d ago
Veeger3024d ago

Big sites get exclusive reveals because they reach the most audience. Their professionality (or rather absence of such) has nothing to do with it. Every half-assed editor-wannabe can put up several sentences made up with press materials. You don't need a degree to do that. But still, most people stick to big sites, even if they're full of crap. My friends link IGN articles. I ask them - why do you read this ignorant site? The answer: because it's a major one and I'm used to it. You can't change that...

mixelon3024d ago

Its getting to the stage now where there are only two possible explanation for the leakers:

a) They're incompetant and don't know how to use their own site's CMS systems. (employ better people then, please..)


b) They do it on purpose to poach hits. It must suck knowing a competing site is getting an exclusive and pulling people away to watch their videos. This way you have a blame free way of keeping your traffic on site.


So what's better.. Incompetent game bloggers/journalists or douchebag gaming sites? Neither seem good.

koehler833024d ago

Incompetent douchebags.

stormeagle63024d ago

IGN really can't do anything right, can they?