Star Wars the Old Republic - Sith Inquisitor Video

Inquisitors are the dark geniuses of the Empire, are masters of treachery and dark Force power. They will stop at nothing to earn themselves more power. The paths to power are many, though. Is your Inquisitor an Assassin, striking down enemies from the shadows with cunning tactics and a skilled blade? Or are you a Sorcerer, a triumph of the dark side, smoldering with ambition and uncovering dark secrets of the Force to destroy your enemies?

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Drazz3019d ago

I really hope this mmo doesn't suk, has way to much potential. Trailer was awesome btw.

BigBoss073018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

I think I'm still going with the sith warrior, but this class has my friends name all over it espcially the threachery and lightning from the hands part.