E for All 2007: Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 Impressions

The Wiire's Editor in Chief, Rob Galbreath, provides first hand impressions on Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 from the show floor at E For All 2007. "With the most ambitious online arrangement on Wii so far, a full single-player campaign, the arcade mode and Wii Zapper support, Heroes 2 could turn out to be a sleeper hit and a refreshing take on console WWII shooters."

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socomnick4013d ago

Ea likes milking franchises man they are still making moh ps2 games.

unsunghero284013d ago

I would give MOH: Heroes 2 a chance.

A lot of good press has been coming about it lately. Interestingly enough, Heroes 2 for the Wii could prove to be better than its "Airborne" 360 and PS3 cousins.

progx4013d ago

I could see myself playing a LOT of MOH. 32 man multiplayer? F**k yeah.

4013d ago
lynx1halo4012d ago

another wii game.....tendinitis here i come!!!!!!!

ShadoWulf4010d ago

I'm sorry, but that was lame. If motion controls are to physically excruciating for you, then go to the gym.

DeckUKold4012d ago

if u wanna 4ace me add 6168-8485-5528-9552 ( i cant believe i no this by heart)