It’s All Been Done

With what seems to be a million peripherals on consoles these days it’s hard to forget that these things are not necessarily new. Sure some of them today may seem very innovated and unique but we seem to forget that the following peripherals have been attempted before. Most, if not, all of these products have been tried before and failed or just didn’t have a big enough bang. Either because the technology wasn’t there yet or the market wasn’t ready for such nonsense . Like hipsters wearing clothing from the 70′s all this has been done before.

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B-Real2063020d ago

this song came to mind as I read this article.

Theparanerds3019d ago

not going to lie, i didn't expect THAT song, I was expecting the Barenaked Ladies song

MaxXAttaxX3019d ago

The PS Eye and the Gameboy camera work completely different.

Oh and here's your Kinect revolution:

gcolley3019d ago

don't forget the MS Freestyle Pro = Sixaxis

rumplstilts3019d ago

Yes, because definitely DID NOT do this article just a few days earlier /s

Theparanerds3019d ago

Actually funny you bring that up. According to the cracked article it was published on the 13 th. According to this article it was published on the 13th. Conspiracy?
Nah just messing with you I was as surprised as I read the article last night too but they went way more in depth and non of the subject matter is the same. Also I mention on the podcast on Wednesday that this article has been already written. :) thanks!

rumplstilts3019d ago

No worries, I wouldn't ding you for it.