Could 'Warhawk' be one of Sony's Welcome Back Gift?

With the recent announcement of ‘Starhawk’ in London today the vGamers team began to wonder if the PSN warhawk title could be released free as part of the PSN Welcome back bundle?

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RedDead3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

I would like that, not out of the question either, since it was one of it's first great games

Ps3Gamer283024d ago

it would be such great promotion for Starhawk!

Not only does it mean good promotion we also get one of the best psn games out there Warhawk!

vgamersHD3024d ago

yeah it would be a great game for sony to release as one of the gifts. The warhawk community would be so alive again!

WhittO3024d ago

I think this would be soo good!

Warhawk is still a great game, and I actually think the graphics are (mostly) great too!
Looks great when your flying around and can see all of the action everywhere and dogfights in the air.

Would be a good move for getting people to buy Starhawk too!

b163o13024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Or @least a price drop, was going to download earlier this year, but it's still $39.99. Sony needs to do price drops on there PSN games once a year. Starhawk!!!!!!!!! :^D

pixelsword3024d ago (Edited 3024d ago )

Yeah, yeah; but I'm a little weary of articles that over-hype a Sony product needlessly and then turn around and everyone's disappointed because what they had to offer didn't meet some hypothetical standard that Sony never said that they would meet.

(Halo Killer...?)

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B-Real2063024d ago

Is it just EU that gets the free games?

vgamersHD3024d ago

i think it is different for each region but yes i believe so?

Shikoro3024d ago

No, both the EU and US get free games. The only difference being the selection of games in each region. :)

Muerte24943024d ago

announcement, I've been really itching to get back into Warhawk. It actually looks like their servers are still active also.

Shadow Flare3024d ago

Yeah same I really want to get back on now. The servers have always been active. There's always been a good loyal collective that continue to play warhawk. You'll probably find it difficult to get into the official servers if anything. Last time I played the official servers were packed

Kleptic3024d ago

there has been a pretty large fanbase since launch...last I checked more people were playing Warhawk than killzone 2 (which was back in february)...despite the nearly 2 year difference in release time...

would be alright if this was a welcome back option...but I bought it day 1 and still have hopefully there are several things to chose from...but I could definitely get back in to warhawk regardless...

Zydake3024d ago

I'd love warhawk to be the download game i sold mine just recently and when i saw starhawk... I just gotta fucking play it

Blaze9293024d ago

I don't care what the free game is as long as it's not something I already warhawk. Who doesn't own Warhawk by now? Shame on you if so. I hope it isn't some lame free "PSN" type game download.

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Emmettcelticfan3024d ago

@vgamerHD exactly what I was thinking, would give the community a good boost

Mystickay863024d ago

If this happens, it'll be great. Although I have the game, this incentive could add many players into the online community, and once again i'll join the fight in warhawk.

secondly, I hope InFamous is one of the 5 free games :P

AKissFromDaddy3024d ago

I just bought the game, lol

snakebite363024d ago

Are there still a lot of people online?

Kleptic3024d ago

as of this minute there har...

but I messed around one evening a few months ago and there were plenty of people playing...lots of full 32 player servers, as well as people playing in custom matches...

if they do release it for free, i hope it would include the two expansions also...because as awesome as they were, they never got much attention from what i remember...the APC kind of sucked, but the drop ship loaded with players was awesome...and the new maps were pretty good too...

Uncharted3Goty3024d ago

that would be good for the communty and alot of People will know what Warhawk is about and then they will buy Starwank and they will have a great fan base

tdrules3024d ago

i'd be happy with that

Star513024d ago

Me two. But i'm not really a multiplayer guy, so i'm hoping infamous is the real doozy!

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