A Future Without Console Exclusives

Geek Revolt writes "Every once in a while you’ll hear someone say they want Gears of War on the PS3, Uncharted on the Xbox 360, and Mario in HD (this is rare). Exclusives are bad, gamers should be able to enjoy any game—regardless of what console they own (their words, not mines). Sadly, if you believe this, you’re misunderstanding a few things about exclusives, and what they bring to the table. Here’s how a future without them would really look."

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b_one3025d ago

i want Quality and this means Exclusives....

Another xbox user unhappy with things going on with his console

DeeZee3025d ago

Wait, are you saying this article is from an Xbox user? :)

tehpees33025d ago

exclusives will still happen. its just up to the first parties to sort it. if M$ are running short on exclusives that their fault tbh

GrieverSoul3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

If there are no exclusives, then there is no reason to come to the market with 2 or more consoles. With no competition, the market becomes stall and things will deteorate fast. That supposed "sole" console manufacturer has the ability to charge what he wants.

Competition is good! Exclusives are bond to happend due to diferent companies competing with each other.

The day there is just one console or every game is multiplat, that day is when gaming dies forever. No inovation will come and the console generations will last 20 years.

b_one3025d ago

Dude i have uncharted on my ps3, i dont want exclusives from other consoles... i know differences in hardware, all that means its not possible to create stunning titles...

all those texts are useless, without knowing about technical capabilities, after this they are useless^2

Dramscus3025d ago

Exclusives are the best games in any generation pretty much. Looking back they are usually the ones that stand out.
Mario, donkey cong, crash bandicoot, ratchet and clank, gran turismo, halo, gears of war, all console exclusives.

Looking back at multi plats that were absolutely stellar, grand theft auto, metal gear solid, final fantasy. Most of them are games that come from console exclusives.
Also if you look at what happened to these games quality wise after becoming multi platform then all signs point to multiple platforms sucking to some degree.

AnttiApina3025d ago

Console exclusives are great, but there's no need to become elitist about it.

Multiplats are really great too and some even better.
Take a look at Portal 2 or the products by Rockstar.

Dramscus3025d ago

two companies can't redeem an entire industries shame though.
I will agree that no exclusives could be good but the entire industry would have to step up.
It will likely only happen when you can game on anything and consoles stop appearing.

Tony-Red-Grave3025d ago

exclusives aren't just to show a systems power their also to give most consumers the feeling that their choice of system was worth t since x game can only played on the system.

in other words feeding the egos so that it makes their money look well spent.

Silly gameAr3025d ago

Actually a good article. Makes some good points.

Pillville3025d ago

Call of Duty
Mass Effect
Assassin's Creed
Grand Theft Auto
Red Dead Redemption
Street Fighter
Guitar Hero
Batman AA

all lacking quality, right?

BlackTar1873025d ago

your missing the point.

naming good multi plats is not the entire truth o story.

I will take a uncharted or god of war almost over your whole list. Or a halo or gears.

you listed great games but just cause there are some doesn't mean its the standard or average.

Silly gameAr3025d ago

I didn't say that multiplat games lack quality. I don't play exclusive games exclusively. It is true that exclusive games give consoles their identities and without them, what would be the point in having more then one console on the market.

Every console would have the same games and there would be very little reason to be creative or competitive.

Pillville3025d ago

b_one said:
"i want Quality and this means Exclusives.... "

which is implying:
All Exclusive are Quality
Non-Exclusives are not Quality

Argue all you want, but that was the statement he was making. And then he ends with a console-war-fanboy comment.

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Nac3025d ago

"A Future Without Console Exclusives...wont be one I want to live in."

perfectCarbonara3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Imagine if Kobe Bryant wasn't tied to the Lakers but played for Miami Heat the one day, then Chicago Bulls or, God forbid the Boston Celtics the next day and so on and so on.

That's how stupid a future without exclusives would be.

You need your star players.

newhumanbreed3025d ago

Or let's not have Coca Cola and Pepsi compete anymore and rather they just shared the same taste instead.

BlackTar1873025d ago

i think that is a good comparison. Consoles have different flavors and why even have "consoleS" if they all have the same game.

Scyrus3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Exclusives mean that the game was made for that console, this means That game takes full advantage of the hardware and doesn't have to compensate for the other console. Thats why gears, uncharted KZ3 look leagues better than multiplats.

Second, not many Multiplats are better than exclusives, I mean it depends, but No matter what nothing beats the quality off an exclusive.

look at final fantasy Versus 13 compared to the multiplat game FF13 as an example

besides without exclusives, why own all consoles? sure thats fine for the cheap bastards, but it makes multiple consoles on the market useless


I know what your saying but. The graphics are far superior, the gameplay is Action rpg, dont know if you saw the latest gameplay trailer.

The game is huge open world with towns, citys, Anywhere you see you can get there, it has vehicles, airships, you can run up sky scrapers while fighting,

so technically its already far superior to FF13 in every way

newhumanbreed3025d ago

You can't really say that about Versus 13 and FF13 because we don't know if it's any better than FF13 since it hasn't been released.

newhumanbreed3025d ago

Exclusives are what makes each console unique. There would be no point in owning a PS3 if Uncharted was multiplatform, or a 360 if Gears of War was multiplatform.

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