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movements3018d ago

Say what you will, but this looks better than Battlefield 3.

awiseman3018d ago Show
frostyhat1233018d ago

Biggest Game of 2011
That line made me chuckle!

Blacktric3018d ago

"Sounds like they are copying of Crysis 2 by going to New York"


X-DominusRebellis-X3018d ago

Yeah I'm really going to buy a game where the only different thing is the setting and maps. What a crock of shit!

"bringing an impressive number of eclectic settings, deep multiplayer gaming and a story that ties up nearly all loose ends from previous titles, including the final moments of key figures in the series' history."

^^^ Nothing there indicates anything as far as gameplay or graphics is any different. You're an idiot for saying this looks better than BC3. What a tool you are, tool!

AAACE53018d ago

Seems like the story might jump around as much as Black ops!

@Movements... Those are only pics man. CoD games usually show good pics, but to get the game to run fast, details are lost! It will look good, but keep in mind that this could happen. Especially if the game is expected to run as rumored.

BattleAxe3018d ago

I'm glad they're sticking with the storyline from MW2. I'm actually kind of excited after reading this. We'll see if they can pull this one of, and if they can pull it off, then they will have redeemed themselves in my eyes. Black Ops 2......I'm not so sure. I think I would refer to Balck Ops as "Black Mark on the series".

Zydake3018d ago


I'm looking forward to this

I_find_it_funny3018d ago

biggest game? LMAO

not even in top 5

Scary693018d ago

This looks like all the rest except different maps.

death2smoochie3018d ago


I have swamp land in Florida for you

chriski3333018d ago

yea no no no little buddy we haven't seen any footage yet so u cant say it looks better then battlefield 3

Bull5hifT3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

CALL OF DUTY: WORLD AT WAR 2....why is there three sets?....this is getting anoying, i actually still get sort of excited for the Modern WareFare cause theres always that hope they might do a Call Of Duty 4 and make it perfect...but i still sorta hate trayarch for all those Meh' Spiderman games...........EA shuld get RESPAWN and DICE to make a FUTURE SOLDIER: ghost recon type thing .....same feeling as the GTA Series.. even if the next one sucks ill still be excitedly waiting a true NEXT GEN SAN ANDREAS

evrfighter3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

static dx9 environments with cs skins gooo!!!!!111 can't wait for the announcement on surf maps and jumping maps. possibly aim maps. May as well just call it CoD: CS edition

day 1 purchase!!!!!!111

well thinking about it. skyrim and bf3 is gonna look like crap on 360

ps3 gamers have uncharted 3

pc gamers have bf3 and skyrim in all its glory.

Xbox is like oil. You restrict the flow of oil and the masses pay up no matter what the cost at the pumps without as much as raising an eyebrow. restrict the flow of games on 360 and be amazed at how they buy junk to satisfy themselves.

Jamaicangmr3018d ago

Be honest with urself dude.

PRHB HYBRiiD3018d ago

@movements lmao !! thank you for making me laugh

NoBias3018d ago

They better have updated their engine something serious.

I doubt they have though...

MaxXAttaxX3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

[On topic]
Same shit, different day.
Kotaku is on a roll ovehyping this game in their articles lately.

shayol33t3018d ago

"Exclusive First Details on the Biggest Game of 2011" Biggest game ahahahahahaha

always the biggest dissapointment

DtotheRoc3018d ago

"looks better" how so? frostbite 2 can't be touched right now by anyting short of the crysis 1 engine which was i'm assumig cryengine 2? i could be wrong dont' quote me on that. however i prefer cod4 still to this day to most other shooters although counterstrike source i thought was still a better game as far as tactics and realism.

chazjamie3017d ago

wow, we get to spend 10 minutes in 12 cities.awesome!

reznik_zerosum3017d ago

i want MW3 to be better than B3 because of trols in DICE.I cant stand bragging "B3 will PAWN MW !"

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NobleGamer3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This is going to be HUGEEEE. Feel sorry for Battlefield 3 though, even though going to be great not going to get much attention as MW3. Hope it gets major upgrades.

Fil1013018d ago

seriously I play both bf & cod and i prefer bf hands down but why noblegamer got 8 disagrees for speaking the truth, everybody knows mw3 will get all the attension and that's a fact.

SuperM3018d ago

All the attention? Hardly a fact. It will get more attention than it deserves but BF3 will get a hell of alot of attention because it will be the best game this year. Thats what i believe anyway. The graphics and the realism in BF3 is just to good to be overlooked, even Medal of Honor which scored pretty low sold many million copies last year.

Hagaf223018d ago

Man, it's amazing, 2 weeks ago all you read were people talking about how they won't buy COD again. Then news comes out about it and everyone jumps back on the bandwagon...

NobleGamer3018d ago

who knows this game can come back with a huge improvement and blow people away. The yearly milk was getting old, Black Ops i didn't even buy...because of Treyarch lol I borrowed from friend.
But MW3 could be great!

Cenobia3018d ago

MW2 was far shittier than Black Ops. I didn't play the entire MW2 campaign, but Black Ops is a much better multiplayer experience and a better value overall.

I'd put money on MW3 dropping split screen for example. I'm not looking forward to constant perks either. Black Ops was at least able to reel the perks in a bit.

IW is a shadow of what it was (if you thought they were that great to begin with), so I'm not sure why you immediately dismiss Treyarch.

trancefreak3018d ago

I hate cod except mw1. But black ops was mhh'k.

I would not drop 60 on it though.

For the love of god I hope this game is revamped!

Activision have been recycling this every year with a just a newer cover and skin coat.

ZombieNinjaPanda3018d ago

At this point, I don't even expect it to be relatively good. It will be another generic modern shooter.

Back in the day, call of duty was great, now-not so much.

DtotheRoc3018d ago

VERY TRUE treyarch has been horrible in teh past but you gotta give them credit they're the first ones with COOKABLE grenades in cod's history (cod 3) don't believe me look it up. But still the first one back in 2001 was better on pc than black ops in 2010 now how sad is that? lol. anyway if they make a return to form and make this more like cod 4 I will be soooo happy. remove that sleight of hand pro crap--better yet get rid of PRO perks entirely since they're just way too overpowered for an online game. With sleight of hand reload faster makes sense but then make it so they have to give up damage too or accuracy or something or silent footsteps or marathon....ALL of those are the most powerful perks right? so then you shoudln't be able to stack ANY of them. eliminate teh spawn camping cod 4 had some great level design especially crash which was always the best one. and for PC bring back the lean and dedicated servers. and this game will eb great BUT hey i did like the idea of wager matches so if they could implement a similar gamemode would be pretty cool but i prefer having to EARN perks and weapons rather than buy cuz then it'll have some replay value again. i did like earning those titles from mw2. and finally just TAKE OUT THE NOOB TUBE entirely. it doesn't belong in any online game keep for SP i'm fine with but out it from competitive MP. THAT would be my IDEAL cod and put it back on top at least as far as my friends and i are concerned. OH any only ONE attachment. not this i can have dual mags and a silencer shit. BALANCE is the biggest issue with this series right now. and bring back the bolt-actions. bring back the cheytek but give it some acutal punch with better sound and bring back the m40a3 my favorite and the r700 and add a new one too!

Bear_Grylls3018d ago

Above me.

Learn how to use spaces, indents and proper paragraph construction.

No one read past the third line of you wall of text.

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Big_L3018d ago

Harlem to the fullest

hiredhelp3018d ago

Biggest game of 2011. wow tall order

Greywulf3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

so... 18 players...

twitch shooting

no vehicles...

small maps...


Rinse & Repeat.

It feels good that I've only purchased 1 COD game.

anyone else?

Shackdaddy8363018d ago

I stopped after MW2. I won't be a consumer whore.

Caleb_1413018d ago

Stopped after MW2 too.

First time it really became noticeable that COD was on track to release every year and that it was being milked to hell.

xtremeimport3018d ago

why do people continue to buy these games?! like the experience does not change enough to buy a new one each year. I will never understand buying a new game every year at $69. even sport games blow my mind.

Im not the biggest cod fan, but thats not even the point. I would have a hard time buying a game I love every year when the experience isnt much different.

wedgie3018d ago

Definitely agree. I am close to even getting that way with Assassin's Creed as well.

DtotheRoc3018d ago

@ wedgie, there's a HUGE difference thoguh where as AC is a FULL game of around 15 hours + tons of extras. cod is a linear 8 hour campaign with little emotion and interest. dude ACB was probably the best game of last year since it was multiplatform and had one helluv an innovative MP experience that wasn't just tacked on like everything else these days. god of war 3 and heavy rain were also fantastic games yes but they're not multiplat or have that mcuh replay value so that's why i left those out.

BX813018d ago

Me too. I likes me some shooters!

Gamer_Z3018d ago

This looks exactly the same as Black Ops

Dee_913018d ago

i hope they spent some of that billion they made off black ops improving the engine

Jaces3017d ago

"Biggest Game of 2011"


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meetajhu3018d ago

The Best Multiplayer experience of 2011

kornbeaner3018d ago

Day 1 rent for sure. Got Drake coming out a week before got battlefield 3 in the same time frame so out of luck. I just want to play it for the story since I have played the first 2 for the same reason. I'm so tired of CoD, maybe if it didn't get milked every year I might be looking forward to it, but just like madden I can't justify buying a title from the same series year after year.

Uncharted3Goty3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

i think you mean Buy not rent its ok its a typo

LOL it was a Joke 4 disagree wow ?

newhumanbreed3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

If it looks or plays anything like the past 4 Call of Duty's, I'll pass. These games are getting staled with nothing changing in every successor.

pandehz3018d ago

Btw its not the biggest game of 2011. You should rewrite it to 'My biggest'

Roozium3018d ago

I don't think any game in 2011 will sell more than MW3 so yeah, it is the biggest game.

2fk3018d ago

BF3 is fighting for the crown

Gam3s4lif33018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

Who cares, well i dont. Im getting both games anyways. BF3 is gonna be awesome, im buying that myself, MW3 my cousin/family is gonna get it for my birthday so I dont really care.