Dream Trigger 3D Review (Modojo)

Chris Buffa (Modojo): From the moment we fired up Dream Trigger 3D, it was obvious that Art Co. wanted its 3DS shooter to stand apart from revolutionary hits like Ikaruga, Gradius and Radiant Silvergun, while at the same time wowing audiences with something they had never seen before.

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GuruStarr783025d ago

I 100% agree. I wrote a user reveiw on metacritic citing similar complaints, especially that the game crashed. I was then blasted by who I believe are the games developers or fanboys. This game is at best a 4 out of 10 game. check out my user review on metacritic... it's like deja vu.

Dream Trigger is a chore, and not really all that fun.

Buff10443025d ago

Sad but true. It's a bit too hectic to enjoy, and the crashing is just plain terrible. Glad to see you agree. :)