Wii Warm Up: Where Do You Want the Waggle?

"It seems like most Wii owners want everything -- but without the motion controls that pretty much make the system what it is. And it's cool, really -- we get it. Not everything needs motion, or full motion; a few gestures here and there are fitting, but we still have buttons, and we suspect they're there for a reason. But some games need to have motion controls ... or what's the point? So which ones?," writes Nintendo

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highps34018d ago

That system is so pointless. Feel bad for people working on it.

Clocks ticken Nintendo.

unsunghero284018d ago (Edited 4018d ago )

For everyone who isn't ever going to play Brawl or Galaxy.

IMO, the only clock that's tickin' for Nintendo is the "ENORMOUS WADS OF CASH" one that's going to start ringing on November 16th and won't stop this side of '09.

I don't recall saying that the PS3 and 360 don't have some killer apps too.

antoinetm4018d ago

yeah thats a pity...

What were we thinking!?!

Now we r stuck with GT5P, CoD4, Uncharted and mass effect, ace combat for the others..


kingofps34018d ago

They do it for that paper.

bootsielon4018d ago

...for those that are being hoodwinked and beguiled by Nintendo's tactics to make their system seem next-gen when it's not. I refuse to play last-gen again. Too bad some people will never get to play 360 or PS3, they're missing the cream of the crop of this gen.

unsunghero284018d ago

For some Super Mario Galaxy reviews and see just what "next-gen" turns out to be.

frank jaeger4017d ago

basically the wii is more of a test subject, nintendo wanted to experiment on how a motion sensored console works and sells , well w/e the reasons still the wii is a great form of excersise and now days thnx to next gen gamin we aint gettin any and plz dont tell me that the sixaxis constoller on the ps3 is excersise cuz its real lame....

nuff saidz