EA Weekend Sale: Save 50% Off 2 Or More Games

EA's hosting another weekend sale on digital PC titles from their extensive catalogue. Buy at least two games from their list of titles, and you can save 50% on your entire order.

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ncstatefan9533023d ago

It's hard to pass up a sale

rrquinta3023d ago

Yeah. I generally prefer hard copies, though, but still some good deals, especially since some of these games just came out.

dirthurts3022d ago

Yeah, unless it's a crazy good deal I always go hard copy.
I got shift 2 for 18 bucks Yeah I bought that up. ha ha.
But otherwise I wait till they're older or on a dirt cheap sale.

zoks3103022d ago

Sweet deal, just got Mass Effect 2 (whole game) and the Pinnacle Station DLC for Mass Effect 1 for $13 total.

This is what happens when you cut out the middle man and provide you own games for sale through digital distribution

rrquinta3022d ago

That isn't bad. I bought ME2 for like $15 hard copy but that was a while ago and didn't include the DLC.