IGN - Infamous 2: Sucker Punch Responds!

Ken Schramm (Communications Director) and Joe Ishikura (Game Designer) from Sucker Punch answer questions submitted by the community.

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Elimin83022d ago

Very Interesting read! So looking forward to this game.

Kakihara3022d ago

"like the Kuo or Nix choice, where you either get the ice powers or the napalm/fire-based powers."

Not sure I like that. I was thinking you'd get all of the kinds of powers in one playthrough. It seems a little silly to me to create both Fire and Ice powers and only let you have one for each playthrough.

sorceror1713022d ago

Well, they did the same with I1, different powers depending on whether you went evil or good.

It's a way of making the choices matter. If what you choose makes no difference, why bother choosing at all?

Sevir043019d ago

What you got in infamous was different variations to Powers. What i liked about infamous was that negative electric was more destructive.

What Sucker punch didn't really outline was that since your electric powers have positive and negative looks will your Ice/Fire have positive and negative variations?

Zydake3022d ago

Hey just thinking does inFAMOUS 2 do anything with the 1's gamesave because I changed my HDD way back and got no saved data and I'd like to beat it before this is out.

Elimin83022d ago

Did you read the article? Let me guess, NO! Anyway you get stuff carried over. Full Karma etc... It is however limited.... Sucks for both of us. My 60G HD died on me so lost all saves...

Zydake3022d ago

I just wanted to know if i can take infamous status with me to the next saved game...

Redempteur3022d ago

"We've brought back Blast Shards from Infamous 1"

argh ..i got them all in infamous 1 , not sure if i'm ready to do that again ...

Elimin83022d ago

I know, right? It'll be ok..

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