SOCOM 4 "Review" -

By the time you read this SOCOM 4 will have been out for almost 4 weeks. It’s really hard to review a game when its biggest asset, the multiplayer, is not available due to the PlayStation Network maintenance outage. With no resolution date to this network update in sight -- as of this writing -- nobody really knows when PSN will be back online at full-capacity...

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brockst4r3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Great psuedo-review! I enjoyed this game a lot. And I feel for your stepson; it seems like everybody wants to be "edgy" and push limits, so a lot of games end up as Mature titles.

Some cool exceptions: Portal was T, Portal 2 is E. MAG and Brink are both aimed at the multiplayer shooter crowd, and both are rated Teen.

retrovertigo3022d ago

Yeah, my stepson enjoys MAG, I got that via Goozex for him, and when PSN works he loves playing it. I may pick up Brink if it drops in price or via Goozex.