Sony battles to regain trust after data breach

— Japanese entertainment and technology giant Sony faces a battle to regain the trust of millions of consumers after online networks integral to its strategy were hacked, say analysts.

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trainsinrdr3025d ago

just put the f**ken psn back up already

Godmars2903025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

PSN needs to be back up before we see articles like this. There's some measurable gage to public reaction.

It could go up tomorrow with make up gifts given out with things going back to normal the next day. At least by general public reaction.

On the other hand, I'm certain sites and blogs wont be forgiving Sony for this for years to come.

[email protected]:
Why do people trust MS when their key product has been hacked and compromised any number of times.

Not that it will likely be the end of PSN if it gets hacked as soon as its up again.

a_bro3025d ago

"I'm certain sites and blogs wont be forgiving Sony for this for years to come."

who gives a s**t about those sites anyway. we know they do it for hits. They themselves know what went down as well, it got hacked by the same people who are butt-hurt that they cant do what they want.. or do they want a taste of hacking so that they can shut up?

DarkFantasy3025d ago

i'm expecting ... PSN is back up,BUT can we trust Psn/Sony? Articles lol stupid Articles.. why do we need to even forgive Sony,it's not like they hacked there own systems -_-

GodsHand3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

@ DarkFantasy

It's not about about that hacking, it was the theft of personal data that the user needs to make a decision on to trust Sony again or not. I myself never lost trust, because i've seen doctors offices, and dentist offices, even schools just throw out paper work with personal information such as name, home address, social security number etc.

I know from personal experience, of the hassel one has to go through just to make the other person belive, you are who you say you are.

death2smoochie3025d ago

Maybe because the PSN breach is one of the largest in history? Also the sheer amount of publicity the PSN breach has received is why people will have a hard time trusting Sony again.
I have full faith that Sony will bring new security protocols to PSN so I am not worried at all...
However there are some that won't based on all the press this situation has received

miyamoto3025d ago

these trouble making hackers will get caught no matter what happens

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Baba19063025d ago

i just hope it doesnt take much longer... i miss playing online. hope they fix it soon.

xAlmostPro3025d ago

These articles need to stop. As soon as PSN goes back up, people will go nuts for it. It'll probably actually reach a higher online player count than the amount of people that were online the day before it went down.

Add on top of that the great exclusives still to come which are bound to brush this whole situation away. Excluding the 360 fanboys who will hold a grudge forever and bias journalists who will create articles such as "PSN back online, freebies disapointing" or "PSN back online, gamers still don't trust sony" or whatever other crap they come up with.

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Uncharted3Goty3025d ago

yeah it has been bad its been 3 weeks but i dont think its to late for sony to win back the communty that it has.

phantomexe3025d ago

Well crap was hopeing to get up today and psn be up. I do beleave i may go rent a game today. Lets go sony fire this platic bit(h up.

Miraak82 3025d ago

I figure if you still have your ps3 and an internet connect , the moment you turn in on and then it says : Signed in : please update to V.3.61 everyone including me will be be tearing in joy and then All's Right with the World. just remember we live in the moment while our memories tarnish.

Uncharted3Goty3025d ago

lol thats the day we all are waiting for that moment when it says signed in Please update the world will go back to the way he had it before.

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The story is too old to be commented.