NCSoft's Future Direction: Free To Play Content On PSN

Further to NCSoft's recently announced plans to release free to play content on the Sony network, Dallas talked about his company's goal of becoming "device agnostic" in order to break down the segregation of gamers between platforms.

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Jinxstar4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

<3 NC soft for this COH/COV FTW!

My only concern is Next Gen gamers being upset with graphics quality of MMO's... May be a turn off. Tabula Rasa looks amazing for an MMO same with WAR. Next Gen gamers may feel let down.... I hope it hits the market and sells though.

lynx1halo4015d ago

now that just goes to show how committed sony is to their customer...even offering free games and content on their network....Xbroke360 continues to charge even to get on their service LOL
Playstation3 innovator...Xbroke360 imitator

Fisher3394015d ago

Sadly, MS is a little money hungry. I just dont believe in having to pay double to play games online, once for broadband and again for live.

Steam is free why isnt xbl?

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

One does not have to have an gold account to play pay games, if either of you know it then we'll you'd still say what you say cause your what do you call it....ha la ha la ha la...stupid.

P.S: sony isn't offering free content, NC soft is and it will have ad's on every menu, and it will charge you money for nearly every peice of armor, furniture...ect you want in ur home like all free mmorpgs.

Fisher3394015d ago

ignorance is bliss........

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )


So you mean to say phantasy star universe, OR Final Fantasy 11 Right now I cant play it if i dont have gold? really?

lynx1halo4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

U my friend are the definition of brainwashed Sheep......U rant and rave about having to pay more for services than people getting them for free? and you try to back up your statements with a biased and obviously flawed logic when at the worst you would have to suffer (OH NO) a few advertisements....truly pathetic in both your console choice, your life and your logic ....Fisher339 dont waste ur time on this Xbroke360 Sheep

CyberSentinel4015d ago

Sony's PS2 MMO "EverQuest Online Adventures" is NOT FREE.

Even NCSoft HAS a subscription model for "Dungeon Runners" (which this article names specifically)

Kotaku Quote:

"...and the subscription aspect MAY be scrapped in the future"

Thats a big word, "MAY".

Kind of like how Sony said "Home" MAY not be free.

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Skerj4015d ago

Oh this is such an EPIC WIN for the PSN. Free to Play MMO + a free online play to begin with? I'm there as long as it's good. But you know microtransactions will start to become prevalent though.

Darkiewonder4015d ago

But that's how most F2P MMO are anyways. Guess they is a little catch. Which I don't mind as long as the game is good and it last longer than 5 months :3

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago

ad's on very menu, and every thing is charged for except the most basic stuff.

Taker_1294015d ago

Yeah just like xbox live. Ad's on every menu, and charging for almost every piece of content. You sure you're not talking about xbox live.

Skerj4015d ago

He's got you there, Live has a ton of ads on that blade.

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Lionsguard4015d ago

Expect in-game ads, I just hope they don't shower you with it.

DrPirate4015d ago

There's also in-game ads in Rainbow Six: Vegas.

This is a reality of the times my friend :(.

tethered4015d ago

Local TV is free. You know why? Advertisements pay for it.
Local radio is free. You know why? Advertisements pay for it.
The internet is free. You know why? Advertisements pay for it.
It has been proven time and time again that it works and people don't mind.
Sony is going down the same road.

I'm not sure how many of you were around when cable TV first came out but I remember they marketed it at first as advertisement free because of monthly fees. It was later on that they added commercials and ads to make more money because it was proven that people didn't care enough to make a big enough deal of it to make it stop.
This is the road Microsoft has taken.

Thats how I see it.

WilliamRLBaker4015d ago

Local tv...=7 channels in my area, crap quality unless I get a digital attenna to get the HD signals of which there are...2!

Local Radio=bad quality have to hope to get stereo stations....

Internet=really its free? Wow...I don't have to pay money for the net? wow...WHO THE HELL HAVE I BEEN SENDING 30-50$ A MONTH TOO FOR THE PAST 10 OR SO YEARS?!

tethered4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

Wow, WilliamRLBaker, are you really that obtuse?
OK you state:
""Internet=really its free? Wow...I don't have to pay money for the net? wow...WHO THE HELL HAVE I BEEN SENDING 30-50$ A MONTH TOO FOR THE PAST 10 OR SO YEARS?!""

Haha! The Internet is free, what you pay for is the ability to have it faster. lol! Wow!

I have HD local at no cost other than the $15 I spent on the HD antenna.
I pay nothing more! By the way I get all of them and then some. Maybe you should move to a better local HD area.

Local radio has free local HD channels with only the cost of a new receiver. No added fee!

Again you are wrong.
Try again.

snakeak4015d ago

Your comments just get dumber and dumber. You pay your service provider for the hardware to connect your home, not a net access fee. It's like asking if you have to pay for a TV to watch TV. If you log on the internet at a wi-fi hotspot, do you have to sign in with your credit card? No, because the information itself is free.

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SacT0wnF1n3st4015d ago (Edited 4015d ago )

People keep saying that there will be ads because this game is free. Which I agree but let me ask 360 owners that do they have to pay for Xbox Live to play online? and second is that do they see ads in the dashboard? I believe the answer for both of these question is yes. I know that Live has more contents then PSN but for me personally I connected my 360 and PS3 to the internet to play online not to watch trailers, movies or play demo. Playing online is the most important thing and the PS3 owners don't have to pay to be able to experience it.

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