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joydestroy3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

zomg! i just blew my load over this vid. so excited about this game!


GodsHand3020d ago

I hope they have this as a downloadable title like they did with Warhawk.

Crystallis3020d ago

Transforming Flying Mechs looks insane. This game will be so much fun!

ThatCanadianGuy3020d ago

This is going to set a new standard for multiplayer on PSN.
Warhawk was close, but it lacked that special something.

The build & battle system, revamped shooting mechanic, Mechhawks™ and the already perfected formula from Warhawk is going to make this game a gem for years to come.

I can only imagine the incredible DLC they'll have for it down the line.Warhawk had some of the best DLC ever in my opinion.

Modestly priced, and completely refreshed the game each time.Ugh, cannot wait!

sinncross3020d ago

The problem with Warhawk was its incredibly steep learning curve which made it difficult for late adopters to really get into the game because they would be completely annihilated by those who had been playing for a much longer time.

This is what needs to be balanced in Starhawk to ensure a community that can keep growing over a good few years.

SuperStrokey11233020d ago

Only the planes really had that bad of a learning curve. Other than that most people could pick up and play pretty easy.

moparful993020d ago

Well they did have the search option where you could join gmaes based on rank which could help you get into matches with similiarly skilled players... At any rate i'm stunned words cannot express how amped I am for this game.. My only complaint is that they removed six axis support.. I love driving the vehicles with the six axis.. Oh well reserve+day one!!!

Istanbull3020d ago

Awesome! Starhawk is another great AAA+ game for the PS3's library!

theaceh3020d ago

This game is not AWE-SOME, its AWE-PLENTY!!!

Day one buy for me!!

Shadow Flare3020d ago (Edited 3020d ago )

No this game isn't AWE-PLENTY!!! It's AWE-FULL!!!

Oh let's stick with awe-plenty

CernaML3020d ago

lmfao @ Shadow Flare. That made my day.

Sharky53020d ago

wow, does look good...just hope its not comin out for another year or'll take about that long for the PSN to come back up, lol

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The story is too old to be commented.