Holding Out for a Hero? Female Involvement in the Games Industry

DeltaGamer's own Catriona MacDonald has a look at female involvement in video gaming.

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JAMurida3019d ago

I personally think more games should take the route Malicious took in which you can choose to be a female or male character in the game.

I'm too tired to try and completely explain, but I feel some games are better suited for female leads than a male lead. Panzer Dragoon Orta has to be my best example for a game that had the perfect female lead character. I personally think the team ICO games should have female leads as well, or at least the option. I feel it's more interesting to view some stories, (especially adventure stories like Panzer Dragoon Orta, Evergrace, etc...), from a female's perspective. As in how females are always known to be the weak, helpless, blah blah blah and what ever else society has labeled for them, in games. Yet games like Panzer Dragoon Orta went completely against that.

If anything, I'm surprised games like CoD haven't adopted having female characters in their MP component, especially given the millions of people that flock to that series.

Guess I wasn't that tired after all...

Enate3019d ago

I agree in the fact that those that are designed as such should. Though they should not just try to pull a Mass Effect for the sake of just doing it. If a game is designed with Solid Snake in mind a male then that's just is how it should be. The same freedom is exercised to a leading male or female in movies. I highly agree with you about COD though. I just can't believe they haven't added multiple female characters in the mp.

My girlfriend was just talking about that the other day. An for the life of me I couldn't understand why they wouldn't give you the option to choose in something like that. Maybe they will in MW3 though its about that time.

JAMurida3019d ago

That's funny too, because I was going to use Metal Gear Solid as a perfect example of a game that perfectly fit the male role mode, even though it could be debated a female could do it as well, I personally felt it was fine with a male lead.

I'm sure MW3 or CoD3, which ever they will call it, will support something like that. Most shooters these days are starting to move toward the user being able to make his own stuff, whether it be a level creator or making your own character. Not to mention, games like Gears of War 3 adding female characters, which was a more surprise to me, is a good start at catering to the female gamers out there. So it's just a matter of time, IMO.

Good talk.

JAMurida3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

EDIT: Wrong reply.

thisguywithhair3019d ago

Here is my theory:

Women (in general) are not as interested in, nor do they pursue as a profession, anything in the technical area (this is a gross generalization but it is also statistically true). Also women are more likely to enter a field in which they feel that they can help people. That is two stokes against women working the games industry. Another strike is how women have been portrayed in the past.

Now about how women are portrayed. For the entire history of games it has had almost no women working in the industry which means that men have been writing everything. The average man doesn't know how to write a REAL female character. I refer you to FAMILY GUY, Meg was written the way she was because the writers had no idea how to write a teenage girl.

All of these points lead to a lack women emerging the industry. How do we change all this? We can't, not really anyway. How do you teach a man how to write a real female character when every time he tries the character either gets scrapped or the game flops? When industry heads see the sales figures they come to the conclusion that gamers don't want to see a female lead (strong or otherwise). The only way that we can change this is to start buying games with female leads, until there is a strong financial incentive to do so writers won't take the extra effort get writing a female lead perfected.

Pretty sad that the only way to fix the problem is to throw money at it, and probably throw money at games we may not want simply because we want this trend to end.

3019d ago
madjedi3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

The author brings up 2 odd points a action rpg with no combat, what's the point really, no female gamer(ie if all you play is the sims you don't count by my definition) i know would want to play it.

And the supposedly sexist(never read it myself) how to get your partner ect into video games. It is likely written by regular guys, for guys, so probably involves a bit of ranting, not the least bit politically correct and is self centered to help him do what he wants ie play games without being bothered.

It's not just a slight against women, it's also food, sleep ect we can sometimes not care about any of it for a while, if a game has us that hooked.

So there aren't similar articles ect written by females stating something to the effect how to get your man's attention off of tv and video games and back to where it rightfully belongs on you, yeah right.

Really you bring up peach for being a helpless female, lara croft for her obviously tailored for guys curves, but make no mention of the original ass kicking woman of gaming, samus from metroid.

She is everything positive about female characters in gaming, and yet you don't mention her, as a gamer i have to question that.

Other than the 3 points above a interesting article.