Botchweed: The First Templar Review

Botchweed: "Regrettably, The First Templar does nothing to differentiate itself from anything that’s already been released. It attempts to amalgamate the combat of God War with the backdrop of Assassin’s Creed and the co-op interactivity of Resident Evil 5, yet doesn’t come remotely close to rubbing shoulders with any. Conversely, Haemimont Games don’t have the exorbitant development budgets that these blockbusters do, so that has to be taken into consideration, but that does not excuse what is a disappointing release."

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Scyrus3019d ago

this game sux so BAD!

I for some reason mixed this game up with Cursed crusade and was like WTF happened to the game? lol

This game sux Soooo bad hahahah

Raven_Nomad3019d ago

I ordered this game but haven't played it yet. I will say that I have no expectations and that this is simply a budget title that I hope to get some enjoyment out of. Never heard of the site that reviewed it, would love to see a couple of real reviews.

banjadude3019d ago

Same for me. Did you import your copy (for the special edition)?

Raven_Nomad3019d ago

I got the special edition. I like to pick up 360 exclusives and this being budgeted interested me greatly.

I have a younger brother and we enjoy co op games and this one looks fun. I can look past the fact that it isn't Assassins Creed or Resident Evil.

DelbertGrady3019d ago

I've heard that it's flawed but enjoyable. Especially in co-op.

banjadude3019d ago

Yeah, I read about the same. I decided to give it a chance, b/c lets face it, we all have different tastes and the games that are "crappy" can end up being just as enjoyable as non-budget games (example for me: Deadly Premonition).