Seven ways Sony can "win" E3

Every year, Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony present their upcoming plans in a lavish press event, and the immediate response among gaming journalists is to declare who won. In that spirit GamerPops offers seven key strategies to each of the big three companies to help them “win” E3 2011.

Today, following tips for Nintendo and Microsoft, its time for Sony.

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belal4407d ago

Give us cross game chat,more exclusives, mgs5,gow4,agent gameplay,eight days and im happy.

i am very positive that we will see a new kojima game, very sure about that.

sinncross4407d ago

Show off first footage for:
Syphon Filter 5
Santa Monica new IP
Wipeout Trinity

and exclusive DLC for:
Batman AC
Dark's Souls
MGS: Rising

and then lots of NGP stuff of course will happen

Venatus-Deus4407d ago

Every year is the same thing…

You’ll get 12 month recap

A few demos on stage (2011 release date games)

Future PSN features

3 game announcements max (probably only one of which will be kept a surprise)

I do agree that focus will be on NGP this year.

king dong4407d ago

what do winners actually win? a gazillion dollars? one week of pleasure with 8 playboy bunnies? etc..

winning an expo lol more fanboy drivel.

although, i am expecting a big e3 from sony. cant wait to see whats on the horizon, and how much they are supporting 3D

4407d ago
MaxXAttaxX4406d ago (Edited 4406d ago )

And lately they have been winning E3 year after year(unless you considered the 3DS revolutionary, in which case, E3 2010 didn't count as a win LOL)

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tplarkin74407d ago

When Kojima reveals a game, four years pass before you can play it.

Star514407d ago

Initially i was opting for something listing "Showing up to E3" seven times. But i'll be serious.
10. Dropping the PSTriple's price to $199.
9. Detail the backwards compatability PSP footnote.
8. Reveal AWESOME move games
7. Announce that the Last Guardian is releasing before the end Feb.
6. Cliffy B is now down with the swirl.
5. Final Fantasy Versus is still exclusive and coming b4 April. (FIRM DATE!!!).
4. GTA V has exclusive dlc/content only available to the ps3
3.Announcing MGS5 with epic 70hr long trailer (i kid, i kid)
2. Unveiling God of War 4 with equally flooring ripping-off-helios-medula trailer.
1. Announcing NGP at $249 (even with the 3DS) and $299 w/3GS

babis19744407d ago


Focker4204407d ago

Zone of the Enders 3 or Agent and I'll be happy. Either one is fine with me.

InactiveUser4406d ago

ZotE is horrible.

ZotE = 5-10% max sales of an MGS 1-3: Collection or an MGS5 aka waste of time and leaving big money on the table.

hiredhelp4405d ago

Only seven ways thats easy.
More exclusives
Some more exclusives
Even more exclusives
Yup you guessed right MORE EXCLUSIVES.
All thoes investments makes me happy sony ps3 owner .

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TheBeast4407d ago

Kevin Butler...that is all.

wwm0nkey4407d ago

I think all 3 are going to have great conferences but with Nintendo showing off their new console...Nintendo has the upper hand.

GiggMan4407d ago

I don't think Nintendo will be the only one showing off something new. I think the others, especially MS will not let Nintendo have all of the spotlight as far as a new console is concerned.

If "project cafe" could have stayed under wraps until E3 then it would have been big for Nintendo. The "leak" gives Sony and MS an opportunity to at least announce something whether they wanted to or not.

wwm0nkey4407d ago

I doubt Sony or MS would announce anything as big as a console this year. maybe next year but not this year.

FAGOL4407d ago

I think they're going to focus on PSN and the NGP this year. A few major titles will be revealed i'm guessing but because the NGP will most likely release this holiday season their main focus will be that.

How long do these conferences last for approximately?

Lucreto4407d ago

Sony conferences are about 2 hours long.

MS and Nintendo are about 90 minutes.

theonlylolking4407d ago

1.announcement of PS4 with a trailer and a list of launch titles

2.NGP footage

3.Uncharted 3


5.resistance 3

6.FFV13 wars battlefront 3 gameplay or trailer

wedgie4407d ago (Edited 4407d ago )

I disagreed because of the PS4. Don't want to see that, and I think that it is WAY too early. Same goes for Microsoft, I really don't want another console just as everything this generation is getting so good.

Its just Nintendo that NEEDS a new one, and honestly, I am not very excited about it myself.

The other stuff on your list (especially that battlefront 3) are great though.

theonlylolking4407d ago

You do not have to buy the new gen consoles. Sony WILL support the PS3 just like the PS2 so you have nothing to lose.

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