PES 2012 - Debut Trailer

Konami announced PES 2012 with the first Trailer and Gameplay Footage. Get a first look of the latest iteration of KONAMI's real soccer simulation. Shingo "Seabass" Takatsuka , Creative Producer of the Pro Evolution Soccer series, talks about new gameplay features and reveals first footage of PES 2012.

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BrunoM3020d ago

And here we go again ...

In my way of viewing it is like these.

at the moment I live in Toronto but I'm originally for Portugal what tear can tell u is up til about 10 years ago I only play pes and no one can argue that pes up till 2007 was not the best soccer aim out there but in the past few years they lost what made pes so good and fun ..

Thru that in looks EAs FIFA takes it but is nit just that is the online a game now adays like it or not needs good online and pes does not offer that .. And the most important is the way the match fells when u play it unlike FIFA it does not have that big match and close finishes felling ..

Well il keep my eyes open for PES but I think these will be just another year were i will be facing lol damn kids online in FIFA that run at the 89 min when losing ... ( they need to do something about that Hahah )

Major_kenny3020d ago

I'm from Portugal too and here PES (pés xD) is considered better than FIFA. I mean, PES is BETTER than FIFA. Americans love to rate/review a game they don't play or enjoy so they screw up. In europe where football is played the most, you see PES getting great reviews and FIFA gets a 80% average, while PES gets 90% average. Americans don't play football, they have to rate the graphics, the licenses and the official crap. That's just ignorance. You don't see Europe reviewing rugby or american football games cause we don't play it. Ignorance isn't an excuse

BrunoM3020d ago

I see what u mean I'm 25 right now and I live in a nacao que e a cidade do Porto lol ... Up to my 15 years an ya pes is king in Europe and in some sence ur right the big reviews come from right here now north America ..

And even tho your right it applies to all games and even tho we like it or not FIFA has catch up to pes in many ways ok the master league is still the pest out of the two games but the motions the movement the natural way FIFA moves is leaps ahead of that of pes even tho I'd like to be the other way around ..

In all they need a new players engine they need a new online ..

Then maybe pes will become again the football sim it was ..

kataloni103020d ago

i think pes is better then fifa in every way .. the only thing fifa got is linces club ... pes 2011 Master League online is the best

nix3020d ago

the only football game i like. PES2011 was awesome. placing those passes were the best thing. 2012 is gonna be even better. can't wait.

OcelotRigz3020d ago

As huge PES fan that has stuck by it thru these last few years, where they have produced lackluster games, games that had the right idea but just didn't execute it right, well.. this video doesnt give me hope. It looks identical to 2011.
He is talking about where he is making improvements yet never mentioned improving the terrible shooting, refereeing, players like Tony Hibbert catching the likes of Theo Walcott, the ridiculous "stumble" etc... all these easily fixable things that prevented 2011 from being a great game.

On another note, its only May...

BrunoM3020d ago

I agree with you that's what I was trying to show .. Well unlike u after pes 2007 I move on it's just that pes never really role that jump to the next gen is not the the master league is not good it is it's damn great and that's why I got pes11 I just wanted to give it a shot but it just dosent do it for me any more

Not just master league can over come the way it's stupid easy to score the goalies some times are as if they ain't in the net at all the way they all run and more is the same u can't make quaresma run and play like Torres ... Even when pulling skill moves the motion of the players is so stiff next to fifas movements ..

And from looking at the video right now even tho is a good change the marking of the attack and defense the game looks the same and is kinda bad for a franchise I love so much ... The online look and fell of pes also needs an ovarol Cus is leaps behind fifas ( even tho the master league is good can't over come the gap that's there )

Well hope they get a new engine for pes and make does damn Goldie good and well let's see what the out come is in a few months time ..

OcelotRigz3020d ago

I know what you mean. Except when PES started to go bad i still couldn't play FIFA, its boring and repetitive, it has no randomness like PES and the game has huge flaws that nobody seems to mention such as the world class goalies and defenders on EVERY team, whether you're Barca or Barnet. Also the fact that the game plays like rugby sometimes.

I also agree that players movement in PES seems so wooden, changing direction can be such a hassle sometimes. Also the close control is poor and needs improving too.

I still have faith in PES because they have the right idea of how a football game should be played, they're just having a hard time executing that vision.

BrunoM3020d ago

True your right they do have the right idea .. And I think what they are trying to do for pes12 is great thing is they take a step ford and looks like ther in rye same place thaw only due to tge part that they need an ovaraoul in the player engine is to stiff just to stiff that is the one thing it takes me away from pes and te goalies ...

Me moving to pes even tho the stupid lil kids online fuk all up is that the continent I live in north America and all my friends that do play football play FIFA so there is my why to move ...

But ya hoping for more good things from pes we will see it more info in the coming months and ya ( lol plus pes got the champions and uefa league )

lareka3020d ago

Good additions to the game. I started playing Fifa since Fifa 96 until 2006 where I switched to PES 2 then I switched back to Fifa in 2010 with Fifa 10. For the last couple of years I prefer Fifa to Pes.

About the video :

Off-ball movement is a good addition, it opens up the play and let players win with team-work other than individual skills more often and easier.

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The story is too old to be commented.