5 Things to Improve Kinect Fitness Games

With a good 20% of the Kinect software portfolio currently being taken up with fitness products, it strikes me that whilst a few of them get a lot of things right, only a few of them seem to have been designed with repeat players in mind. The goal – surely – must be to create a product that not only supplements road work or regular gym visits, but to create a product that (as much as it ever can) actually replaces those activities. Having puffed, panted and sweated my way through a few sessions of several Kinect fitness titles over the last fortnight, I’ve decided to devote this week’s Friday Five to improving fitness titles. Developers, listen up!

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Pillville3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

Here's my problem with the exercise games, they are still just virtual exercises. Who wants to pretend to jog, when you can just go jog? These need to be more than just virtual instructors. They need to be GAMES.

Real exercises are boring, so having a virtual instructor doing real exercises is also boring. Gamers want to play games. They need something that they would want to play, even if it wasn't an exercise game.

How about an actual story driven game, where you happen to be exercising while playing? Running, Dodging, Jumping, Stretching, Punching, Stomping. Flap your arms to pilot an Ornithopter, not just as a mini game, but as an actual means of travel in an actual game. I'm sure there are hundreds of play mechanics that could be implemented.

The game can still keep track of calories, etc...., but it has to be INTERESTING.