OXM UK L.A Noire review still under wraps, fake write-up is silly

Following the fleeting appearance of a 5/5 L.A Noire review on The Guardian site this morning, some excited types are claiming that an online review from the Official Xbox Magazine UK also reared its head overnight.

Sounds brilliant, right? Only problem... it's not real.

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MasterCornholio3022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Make your choice

Believe or Not Believe.

For in the end its only the truth that matters

Chuk53022d ago

If it was fake, it was very well written.

Raendom3022d ago

It seems from what I've seen to be a 9/10 at least, the only thing is we don't know about the story, which will make or break it for me. If it's good, then 10/10.

SeraphimBlade3022d ago

They practically give a little review at the end of this article. And it seems they liked it.