Final Fantasy XIII-2 release date confirmed

Gamersmint: Square Enix has published FY2011 results and it contains a lot of interesting details. Among other things they’ve confirmed the release dates for title which will be releasing this year. Among them, Final Fantasy XIII-2 is also mentioned.

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Double_Oh_Snap3019d ago

Awesome excited to see it way more excited for FF vs XIII though.

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callahan093019d ago

I loved FFXIII for about 10 hours. It was really beautiful and I was fascinated about the story, the characters, the world. The battle system seemed really fun, as well. But then my girlfriend started a game on it and overwrote my save file! She plays my games all the time and that's the only time she's committed a bonehead move like that, but it happened, and I never did go back and start the game over again.

I have a coworker who loves FFXIII. He says he's beaten it 3 or 4 times since it came out last year. I'd like to see more of the game, especially since I enjoyed it BEFORE it got to the much talked about 20-hour mark that everyone says is "when it gets good." So I'll probably start it over again soon and then play XIII-2. But I have no idea when. I have such a huge unbelievable back log of games I still need to play.

Scyrus3019d ago

ouch that sux, reminds me of when I was 80 hours into ff8 and my memory card got corrupted -_-. had to start all over, only thing is thats when i was in highschool when i had tons of time. Now a days time is too precious.

well def try and finish it, the game is good, and im excited for 13-2 although far more excited for Versus 13

Reibooi3018d ago

Yeah i had a similar experience in Final Fantasy X it sucks putting alot of work into something only to have it either deleted or overwritten.

I personally loved FFXIII. I notice the things people disliked about it but they were also being far to critical(after FFX was also VERY linear until the 2nd half of the game when you could go anywhere). I have alot of hope for FFXIII-2 because while X-2 may not have had the best story it did have awesome game play and they opened up the world a crap load. You could go anywhere and go whatever you wanted whenever you wanted. You didn't even have to continue the story for long periods of time if you didn't want to.

What I'm hoping for is for something like X-2 with a much better and serious story(which X-2 eventually does towards the 2/3rds mark) which if I remember correctly they said the story of XIII-2 is gonna be much more serious.

rabidpancakeburglar3019d ago

Wooo good to know that it's coming out this year

RedDead3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

AH it might be good, they said it's more like the older ones and there's more t do than Xiii

Not too mention, there is alot of potential in FF-Xiii lore and Pulse.

97gsx3019d ago

This will be the first final fantasy in 15 years I will not buy on release day. Maybe when it gets to 19.99 or lower.

limewax3019d ago

But if you have been a fan that long (like me too) then surely you should at least see what they have to offer (at E3 maybe?) before denying it a chance?

Don't get me wrong, I was disappointed with the lack of content outside of the main story in XIII, but we have to hope they make something decent again. As good as Versus looks, I would really like this game to turn out decent too

Nicaragua3019d ago

Seeing the game in action at E3 wont tell you anything - im sure it will look spectacular because FF games always do, just like FF13 LOOKED spectacular.

Better to wait for reviews and see if they have actually made a decent game this time because FF games have been getting more and more shallow over the years and so like 97gsx I too will not be getting this on day one.

limewax3019d ago (Edited 3019d ago )

Very true actually, XIII looked a thousand times better at E3 and with its release date reveal trailer, I really hope they come out and speak about features of the game though. But personally I reckon Versus will take a lot of the focus off the game

k2d3018d ago (Edited 3018d ago )

This will be the third Final Fantasy I won't buy on launch day after FFX-2.

FF7 - Bought 1.5 years after release,
(my first exp. with the series)
FF8 - Launch day
FF9 - Launch day
FF6 - Launch day (re-release)
FF10 - Launch day
FF11 - Skipped, as it's a MMO
FF10-2 - a few months after launch, (regret)
FF12 - Launch day (major regret)
FF13 - 1 year after release for $20 (regret)

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Cloudberry3019d ago

I assume the English version is more / less after 3 months of Japanese release.

Could be early 2012.

green3019d ago

Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

3019d ago
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