Rumor: Nintendo Developing New Pokemon RPG for the Wii

Maxconsole writes that "according to internet reports, an un-named developer of the Pokemon game franchise has revealed that a Pokemon RPG title for the Wii is in the works although it is not yet known whether this will be a sequel to Pokemon Battle Revolution. According to the dev, there has been no Pokemon RPG for the Wii recently as Nintendo wanted to push Pokemon trading on other platforms as much as possible before handing that over to the Wii".

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Danman354018d ago

Allright!!!!!!! More kiddie crap for the Wii!!!!!!!

Rooftrellen4018d ago

Evidently, you've never played Pokemon.

No RPG has had a battle system with as much potential, and no RPG has used the potential in the battle system as well.

Pokemon may be played by kids, but I can assure you only an adult can fully understand and build a great team.

jinn4018d ago

i have to cancel my call of duty 4 pre-order to get this. lorl

Fux4Bux4018d ago

Yeah probably gonna suck and be exactly the same thing as before.

I wanna see the title "Nintendo teaming up with Blizzard to make Pokemon MMO." Now THAT would get me excited.

DeckUKold4018d ago

along with voice reconition 4 calling them and commanding them that would be a dream come true

Darkiewonder4018d ago

Come on, it's Pokemon. When hasn't there been a pokemon game for the console or handheld?!

THESWAT4018d ago

nintendo is freakin retarded or something to release gay ass games like mario or pokemon, lol its freakin pokemon, get over it already

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The story is too old to be commented.