New No More Heroes Trailer Released

A new trailer has just been released for the exclusive PlayStation 3 title from the No More Heroes franchise releasing soon.

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SpaceSquirrel3024d ago

I hope they bring the sequel to the ps3 as well

sasuke993024d ago

we will be getting no more heroes: red zone ho ho!

Stephen55433024d ago

So is this Move required? I'm hoping it takes a page from No More Hero 2's book and allows for the option of not using motion controls.

Valk3024d ago

Its just the first NMH.Great game really. Of course the only ones left who havent palyed are single console fanboys. Can already see this game flopping hard and proclaimed a success by Sony fanboys.

miyamoto3024d ago

hey Valk, I own both PS360 yet I believe NMH English will only be available in NA now. Right?

Knushwood Butt3024d ago

What does single console owners have to do with anything? Outside of Japan, the game has only been released on the Wii.

Also, in Japan, the PS3 and 360 ports sold BETTER than the original Wii release. So you could say the Wii version flopped hard and the HD ports were indeed a success.

As for Red Zone, got my copy pre-ordered along with the pre-order bonus.

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