It's a Crysis! Well, A Soundtrack of It, Anyway.

It's been revealed today that the Crysis 2 soundtrack album will be a two disc set featuring music composed by Oscar Winning Composer Hans Zimmer, so if you loved the exciting music from the game, you'll probably be interested in owning it for your collection.

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eddieistheillest3024d ago

Who buys video game soundtracks.

Quagmire3023d ago

Musicians. And people who can appreciate good music.

not that you would understand....

eddieistheillest3021d ago

Guess you'll be the only loser buying lmao. Who are you to judge if what I listen to is good, u have no idea what I listen too.

Kakihara3024d ago

I like to play this as I'm making love to my many beautiful women.