New Pokémon game to be revealed next month

Those hoping to find out about a new Pokémon game for Wii or 3DS will be interested to learn that Japanese magazine CoroCoro will be revealing it on 15 June.

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DavidBaller3025d ago

Sure why not.. We've not just had one or anything.

kingdavid3025d ago

Pokemon Grey incoming.

If its a 3ds version of black/white with better graphics and new features im getting it fo sho.

Call_me_Ishmael3025d ago

why dont they just make a full fledged pokemon game for the wii,its been years since it came out,just go ahead and make it

LightSamus3025d ago

More like the Wii 2 or whatever it'll be called. Full HD awesome full-on Pokémon adventure? Yes please.

Shane Kim3025d ago

This game must be the very defenition of milking.

Colmshan19903025d ago

It's got to be for Wii, it's too soon for Pokemon Grey.
They normally wait at least a year, don't they?

Alacrist3025d ago

I say it's for Project Cafe'

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