Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy XIII-2 and Other Titles Get Potential Release Leaked

Various game release dates have possibly been leaked by a GameStop arrivals sheet. The sheet reveals various dates, along with SD and LE versions. Could Tomb Raider be this years Game of the Year?

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TomInc3025d ago

If it is released this year it'll be a tough race for game of the year I reckon! Lara faces off with Drake. Can't wait!

RedDead3025d ago

Very much doubt some of them....BF3 is out on the 1/1/12...nah. Just placeholders

3025d ago
DavidBaller3025d ago

Probably a place holder.. Look at ME3. Would be great if it is this year!

TheColbertinator3025d ago

If Tomb Raider tries a release this year,Uncharted 3 will devour it alive.Notice how all the hype died down for Lara the moment Uncharted 3 was revealed.

Soldierone3025d ago

At the same time MS could be pushing for it so they can have something rival Uncharted. They might also be pushing for exclusive content to help sales on its console also.

TheColbertinator3025d ago


Microsoft has nothing in its sleeve anymore for challenging Uncharted 3.Its only a matter of time before the sales and popularity of the Uncharted franchise crush all its opposition.

Its the only game on PS3 that truly matters this year but I have no doubt Naughty Dog will deliver again

Max_Dissatisfaction3025d ago

If by opposition you mean Gears then lol, no that won't happen. Gears franchise has sold 13 million, Uncharted franchise has sold 9?? million. Gears is more than 1/3 ahead, meaning you could probably squeeze in another Uncharted game vs just the 2 gears games and they'd still be ahead

DavidBaller3025d ago

How would it give ms something if it's multiformat?!?

Soldierone3025d ago

@ Max. Also Remember Gears is going on 4, Uncharted is on 2, so Id say thats pretty good. However a lot of people forget to compare the two games.

@David...360 does it all the time. They get exclusive DLC or something and market the hell out of it on their console. Why do you think so many COD fanboys are playing on 360.

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Troll-without-Bridge3025d ago

Moron the game is hyped because it looks fantastic. A real survival game.

Croash3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Then why do I feel hyped about pretty much everything that's coming out in 2011?

Just because the game isn't an exclusive like Uncharted 3, doesn't mean it will fail.
Tomb Raider looks fantastic. So does Alice : Madness Returns, and Shadows of the Damned, and Duke Nukem Forever, and LA Noire, and Deus Ex 3(oh yeah), and Battlefield 3, even Silent Hill 8 looks good, and the list goes on.
My wallet looks kind of depressed.

Plus I don't really see how you can compare an open-world survival "horror" game to a third person shooter.

Tdmd3025d ago


Really? So inFAMOUS 2 don't matter? Nor does Killzone 3, I guess.

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yen8883025d ago

Yes they could be placeholders, but its still interesting all the same as they are probably in the know so the games could still be released around that time.

AS for Tomb Raider being Game of the Year? I think it has a very high chance of achieving that :)

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