Starhawk: Sixaxis 'isn't a great match for our game' & More Details Inside

Some juicy new details on Starhawk. Check it out.

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Shadow Flare3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

Warhawk was too fast paced to be faffing about with sixaxis. It was one of those games that was nice to try out sixaxis but I never actually used it. Keep sixaxis controls to games like flow, flower and littlebigplanet. Those games genuinely use sixaxis very well. I actually really liked how uncharted 1 used sixaxis with the grenades. Wish they would have kept that

evrfighter3021d ago

in other words

It's just a gimmick

sikbeta3021d ago

Sixasis was cool to control the warhawks but since now there is the Move, they can implement it in Starhawk as an option...

NobleGamer3021d ago

I agree sixaxis was never great and pretty much a annoying nuisance. How many games tack it on...remember heavy rain motorway scene? lool to get that trophy was a pain with the crappy sixth axis.

GraySnake3021d ago

uhh.. heavy rain didn't tack the sixaxis on, it was there when they were making the game plus I never had a problem with the motorway scene. then again I had a lot of practice with Lair...

NBT913021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

I cant even remember the last Game I played that used sixaxis... I think it might have been Killzone 2
Edit - I wander if they will implement Move at all.

Raendom3021d ago

Sixaxis sucks in all games imo. Move is more precise and user-friendly, and even then I wouldn't want to play any game with it slapped on (didn't play KZ3 with it, nor socom).

Scyrus3021d ago (Edited 3021d ago )

sixaxis is crappy, honestly the best use of the sixaxis is Little big planet, making your sackboys dance and nod. otherwise Sixaxis sucks

I remember having to shake your controller for ninja gaiden sigma to make your magic stronger, i was shaking the controller so much it was getting me dizzy.

Sixaxis need only be in LBP or tiny little gameplay elements, never a main gameplay feature unless its flower or a few other games

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3021d ago

There are lots of games that use sixaxis well though. Flower being one. Folklore was good too. Lair's was okay, you just had to be calm about it (which was difficult at times considering a large scale battles) If anyone got through the search light level without being seen using the sixaxis, I applaud you.

alan0013021d ago

I agree sixaxis was really gd n Folklore,
using it to pull out creatures' souls was actually fun.

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