G4TV: Starhawk First Look Preview

G4TV: Starhawk, the “spiritual successor” to 2007’s PlayStation 3 launch title Warhawk was recently unveiled by LightBox Interactive and should be winging its way to your PS3 sometime in 2012. The team at LightBox, mostly made up of the Warhawk team from the remnants of the now-defunct Incognito Entertainment, pulled up their stakes in Salt Lake City last year and headed to Austin, Texas, where they’ve been developing the game in conjunction with Sony’s Santa Monica Studio.

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Thateyy3024d ago

I can't wait for this game, Warhawk was so good.

Darth Stewie3024d ago

Wooo another great exclusive in Sony's lineup for 2012.

MasterCornholio3024d ago

Early 2012 i am sure of it. Heck they have been working on it so long they could release it this year but at the moment theres 2 many good games coming out in 2012 especially PS3 exclusives.

saoco3024d ago got my money.

DA_SHREDDER3024d ago

My jaw literally dropped while watching this vid. Did I just seen a warhawk turn into a mech?! Full structural destructibility? Or was I seeing things?

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