Gamespot: Starhawk Hands-On Preview

Gamespot: If you're anything like us, the first thing that comes to mind when you think of 2007's Warhawk is a swarm of fighter planes zipping through the sky. It only makes sense. The word Warhawk--the name of said zippy aircraft--is right there in the title to remind you of the highlight of the game. Now, a few years later, there's a spiritual successor in the works by the name of Starhawk. There are a lot of interesting new features going on with this follow-up, and if there's one thing we can say about Starhawk, it's this: The title isn't nearly as helpful this time around.

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maverick403022d ago

Looks amazing. The new RTS mechanic looks solid too. The graphical leap is huge from the warhawk.
Early 2012 sounds perfect!!!

AliC3022d ago

Looks interesting, certainly different to Warhawk

XIIIWARRIOR413022d ago

Early 2012 is some time away, damn!

clintos593022d ago

Just amazing how anyone can hate the ps3. I mean seriously is just me or am I the only one who enjoys hearing new announcements of awesome games left & right & always keeping me happy as a hardcore gamer. I mean look at all the crap sony is going through with psn being hacked & the media trying to dig a deeper hole for sony but yet even with all the BS they have to put up with, but yet they still continue to dish out amazing games which us hardcore fans love about our ps3.

macky3013022d ago (Edited 3022d ago )

Don't worry bro,.. We have probably the most polished and greatest library in the history of gaming,..
They are just jealous, and Sony is not paying their bills at all...

People are starting to see trough all the media BS,..we all know PS3 is the shit,..