OXM: Alien gets Creative - Sega's Surprise

OXM UK: The minds behind Total War discuss their Alien project

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dirigiblebill3021d ago

Am I the only one who thinks an Alien RTS could be excellent?

Saryk3021d ago

I would love to see a Alien RTS. If it was Total War, Company of Heroes or Men of War:AS styles, I would buy it ASAP.

fossilfern3021d ago

still no word on Colonial Marine ? :/

Jocosta3021d ago

I still don't see how they can have any variety in enemies without seriously altering the Alien universe, therefore it would become boring. I am in the minority that thinks all the Darkhorse material was utter crap.

Quagmire3020d ago

Im so gutts the Aliens RPG got canned. I mean did you see the concept art for the huge Alien brute!