Sony’s final frontier: Starhawk unveiled in London

VG247 writes: Sony has finally unveiled Warhawk sequel Starhawk, showing the game to press in London this week. Quotes, impressions, shots, dev diary inside.

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DWOM3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

This game will be amazing!! Brig it on! ;) I liked WarHawk a lot, still playing it, and now StarHawk looks 10X better!

BeastlyRig3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

wow every sony ip that is a shooter looks better & goes down it player count..

Killzone has less players now.. Resistance has less players now.. & now starhawk.. some of my friends were hoping for 32 - 64 at least..

still might be good though..

Shadow Flare3025d ago

Uh, if starhawk is 16 v 16, then that's exactly what warhawk was. A 32 player game max. I'm fine with that

thor3025d ago

Yes Starhawk is confirmed 32-player.

I would have loved to have seen more players too, but if the game is designed to be fun with 32 then that's what I'll play it with. I've played games that support arbitrarily high numbers of players on PC and you end up just playing small games.

At least it's not another CoD with tiny maps.

ThanatosDMC3025d ago

Kinda disappointed with 16v16 but it sounds mostly grounded. Oh well, maybe they'll make Warhawk 2 bigger. Anyway, im still looking forward to this game. Hope PSN comes back soon.

thor3025d ago

Again, Warhawk 1 was 16v16. Only in Warhawk beta were there 64-player matches and they didn't work very well with connection issues, lag and too much chaos.

ThanatosDMC3023d ago

I know Warhawk was only 16v16. I was just hoping for bigger. Have you played the tundra map in Warhawk? That map was too small for 32 players.

BeastlyRig3025d ago

oh this is why is 16 vs 16 look at the graphics!

subtenko3025d ago

Warhawk 2 WAS 32 players...but it would be nice to have 64 players like Resistance2 had. or even the king of Massive shooters; MAG with its 256 player battles.

but hey folks, I think they could always bump it up to 64 if they want to. Look at the increased player number in the KZ3 DLC map.

Sevir043025d ago

People are complaining about Starhawks multiplayer size count! LOL! warhawk was the same 32 max players. secondly the footage that was shown of warhawk was multiplayer only since the game was multiplayer. the camera wasn't a cinematic one like this so the view was more distant! but the moment you took to the sky in the warhawk it became evident! i guessmost of you warhawk players forgot what flying a warhawk was like. The way the Stawhawk footage looks was totally reminiscent to warhawk.

It seems like the Mechhawk doubles up as the Tank and the warhawk in any given situation. As the tanks in Warhawk were slow but crazy powerful, and the warhawks were fast and powerul and agile in the air!

Stoked. this will largely be cool because of the destructible physics changing the battle field dynamically on the fly as you build and such. DOWNLOADABLE content will prolly follow in Warhawks footsteps. new maps and vehicles and modes with free. this will prolly be the beta i spend all my time playing! its just amazing!

Graphics, physics, currency, single players! It'll be amazing! the same take to the sky anytime you want from foot soldier to Jeep/Warthog thing to mech/tank to Starhawk/Warhawk gameplay, being able to build bases with air turrets and lazers and such. man! i'm gonna get right back into Warhawk as soon as PSN is online! :-D Stoked