TheSixthAxis Hands On: Starhawk

TSA writes: "Sequels, as we know all too well, are the lifeblood of publishers across the globe: take the basic idea of a hit game and polish, refine it and throw it back out there. Dead Space 2 was fantastic, but it’s essentially a shiny Dead Space 1; Uncharted 2 had improvements over Drake’s first adventure, but in terms of gameplay it wasn’t a big step up. So, with this slightly jaded view of the gaming world and follow-up titles, I wasn’t all that excited when Sony asked us to go and play Starhawk at an exclusive unveiling.

But after seeing it, I was wrong."

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Joni-Ice3025d ago


Echo3073025d ago

Great games take time...

Joni-Ice3025d ago

Its only May 13 2011(as tears roll down my face)

Istanbull3025d ago

I wanted this game to come out in 2011, but this year is pretty locked with PS3 exclusives :(

Vherostar3025d ago

Looks AMAZING from what I seen so far it's day 1. The fact you can build defences while playing adds a new element making the game different from anything out there right now.

Emilio_Estevez3025d ago

Holy crap, that was very detailed. Sounds great.