Sonic, Vanquish Top Sellers for Sega in 2010

Andriasang: Sega Sammy's group sales and earnings were up last year. According to the company's earnings report, released today, sales rose 3.1% over the year prior to 396,732 million yen. Operating income leaped 87.3% to 68,750 million yen.

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jay23021d ago

Vanquish doesn't suprise me, love the game. Sonic, well it's Sonic it'll always sell well even when it shouldn't.

Quagmire3021d ago

I wouldve GLADLY bought Sonic Colours if it came to PSMove

christheredhead3021d ago

sonic colors was a pretty awesome game and i dont see why they can't bring it to the ps3 with move capabilities.

Redempteur3021d ago

there are no need for motion controls in sonic colors ( it's perfectly playable with a gamecube controller )

no need for a MOVE version

christheredhead3021d ago


yah thats true. they aren't necessarily needed and could work just fine without the move.

user28971563021d ago

Sega should just quit gaming and just stick to Pachinko machines.

christheredhead3021d ago

whats wrong with sega? the make and publish some great games. i wouldn't want to see them quit.

user28971563021d ago

They haven't released anything worthwhile.
Yakuza sucks
Every Sonic game they've released sucks
Vanquish just blows
And those are the only games i can think of that come from Sega.

CtrlAltDel3021d ago

Vanquish was great! It could use more beef in the story but overall unexpectedly good!

The story has potential to be better than Gears.