No More Heroes Red Zone Screenshots

Andriasang: Full res shots of the new PS3 version of No More Heroes.

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Xof3023d ago

Looks good. I take it this is just a port w/ move controls, or is it a new game?

just_sayin3023d ago

it's a port of no more heros 1 with a little bit extra like some bosses from 2

BiggCMan3023d ago

The Red Zone edition shown in the article is being released in Japan only. The American edition of Paradise will be released only on PS3, and with Move support, this same version will be released in Japan as Red Zone, because Paradise was already released in Japan, but without Move support.

Jack-H3023d ago

Never played it. Seems like it could be a fun ride from what I've heard about it.

Redempteur3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

it's quite fun , awesome boss batles and excellent music ...

NOW in HD with less jaggies and ..uncensored ...

KillerPwned3023d ago

This game looks sick compared to the wii counterpart i will be preordering this soon!

Arnon3023d ago

It's...the same game...

radphil3023d ago

"It's...the same game..."

Except updated, hence why he said compared to the wii counterpart.

Knushwood Butt3023d ago

Updated and tweaked.

Not the same.

Arnon3023d ago

Did you two even look at the screenshots? Exactly how much of an update are you expecting from this? In fact, the only thing I expect is 720p support with some bosses from the second game.

radphil3023d ago (Edited 3023d ago )

"It's...the same game..."

"In fact, the only thing I expect is 720p support with some bosses from the second game."


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DarkBlood3023d ago

i have the wii version but im so down for the ps3 version with the extras n stuff bring on that release date