Series Veteran Previews Battlefield 3

Tom Dann writes: "Battlefield 3 won't revolutionise the shooter genre, but with subtlety and confidence in its strategic take on warfare I'm as excited about this game as I have ever been.

There's a war going on. Ironically, it's a war between war games. Activision currently holds the First-Person Shooter fortress with its Call of Duty series. EA Games have already begun the siege with limited success: Battlefield: Bad Company 2 still attracts a large player-base, though last year's Medal of Honour reboot was far less successful. Their next effort will be Battlefield 3, and it looks promising."

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GlowingPotato3021d ago

OMFG i cant wait anymore ! i'm having dreams with it!

paulgovan3021d ago

Such a shame the PC version is so much better than the consoles. Otherwise I'd be interested in playing it.

caboose323021d ago

How is that a shame? It would be a shame if it was on par with the console versions.